3.0 - seamless overdub? No?

Spent a lot of time with 3.0, last night, love all of the new improvements, but I can’t seem to make a seamless overdub soundscape on a track, because that would entail it going right from record to overdub. As it is now, I have a few more button presses, so it puts a pause in there, in that gap where it’s on play before overdub. Is there no way to go right to overdub from record? I don’t know why, but I thought with all the discussion about soundscapers that we’d be able to do that.

Wondering if there’s a setting I needed to adjust in regard to sync… I tried in freeform and regular, no difference.


ROP (Record, Overdub, Play) seems like a small option to add to a song’s settings and operation versus the current RPO. It’s not for me, but seems critical for you.

I suspect they will add it. I can see why SS has a lot on it’s plate and might not want to commit to when/if they will cover it. If I were in your shoes, I’d feel better with a stronger commitment. SS is doing a great job listening to the community and sharing it’s plans. This seems like a good, agile way to offset releasing an incomplete product. It’s also a great approach to (eventually) build what customers want.

My suggestion is to write up the request and post it in the feature requests section. It’s not a bug.

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So I definitely can’t do this, no matter what, then? Major bummer. I’ll put it in the requests.

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Please don’t double post! This is all related to this original request, please refine your posts on the topic to there, thank you.

Or post your comments on the 3.0 firmware page, this helps us focus issues and avoid clutter, thank you.

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