Aeros firmware 3.0.0

Greetings Aerosnauts!

Aeros firmware 3.0.0 has been released as an official (non-beta) version over WIFI. Please make sure your Aeros unit is close to your WIFI router for a strong signal connection when you download it (remove the SD card first, as some people have reported issues updating when the SD card is inserted).

We have updated the Aeros Manual which can be downloaded here. Per user request, we have also made a printer friendly version of the manual (no dark backgrounds that use up your ink)

If you have trouble dowloading over WIFI, you can update with the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-3.0.0.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

We have tested this version extensively and concluded it is ready for public release.

If however you happen to discover any bugs in this new version and wish to go back to the previous firmware, use the same SD card update method to install the last beta version 2.17.6 or the last official version firmware 2.13.2 .
(And if you discover any new bugs please don’t forget to email us at

This Changelog is a combination of all beta versions released since the last official version 2.13.2. Changelog of fixes since last beta version 2.17.6 are below the 3.0.0 changelog.

Firmware 3.0.0 Changelog

  • Added quick start guide
  • Added cross fade on loop seams and quick fade in/out on start/stop to prevent audio pops
  • You can now Undo with a hold command while overdubbing
  • Saving/managing songs on SD card is now available in song edit screen and song list screen (Maximum SD card size supported is 32 GB)
  • Songs are now sorted in song list by last loaded order (all SD card stored songs will be below internal memory stored songs in the song list screen after bootup)
  • Songs can now be renamed again when editing song
  • Added Memory Used to Stopped Screen: This is how much of the currently loaded song memory has been used (up to 20 minutes mono recording time available per song). Saving the song will merge the overdubs and free up more memory. This is not the total stored memory of all songs (which can be expanded with the SD card)
  • Added low memory and out of memory warning dialog, shown for 5 seconds (can be dismissed with PLAY/STOP or lower left button)
  • Added Sync tracks feature (start / length) in song settings: Sync Start forces all tracks to start in the same place. Sync length will force all tracks to be a ratio of the longest track in the song part (indicated with a red circle around the track clock while recording) to keep all tracks in sync with each other. See the help text next to these settings for details
  • Added track offsets: If sync start is off, the Aeros will now keep the relative differences between the start points of tracks after the Aeros is stopped or changes song parts
  • Added global setting: Change song parts/Stop song: Immediate/End of Measure, End of Loop. This controls when song parts change and when Aeros stops playback after pressing the Stop All button. If End of Loop is enabled, song parts will change and playback will stop at the end of the longest loop in the currently playing song part, and you will see a blinking red circle around the longest loop track clock while this is happening. If the [Immediate/EOM] option is selected, Freeform songs will change/stop immediately and Quantized songs will change/stop at the End of Measure. The Next Part and Stop MIDI commands override this setting, so changing parts/stopping with the BeatBuddy will cause the Aeros to respond immediately to keep both units in sync.
  • New Setting: Mute Immediately, End of Measure, End of Loop. This is for muting a track with a double tap. Muting in the mixer screen is always immediate.
  • Added “Mute All” option to mixer screen when no tracks are muted
  • Aeros now resets mixer volume levels to neutral after clearing a song by holding down Play/Stop ALL button
  • New Setting: Record songs in Mono/Stereo (set when starting a new song)
  • New Setting: Play audio in Mono/Stereo (main settings)
  • New Setting: Play/Stop All button on press/release. Previously this button was active on release, it is now active on press, which makes it more immediate, but will cause a small amount of sound to be played when holding it down while stopped to clear a song. You can change it with the setting
  • Next Track button in 6x6 mode now works on downpress instead of release
  • Enabled single note time signatures (1/4, 1/8) so songs can be quantized to the beat instead of the measure
  • Tap tempo now follows time signature note type instead of always quarter notes
  • Reduced forgiveness lag from 500ms to 300ms. This is the time of a button pressed after the measure line triggering at the passed measure line.
  • Allow Main Input to not be routed anywhere. This was requested by users who use a mixer going into the Aeros and want to prevent a ‘phasing’ effect.
  • Song is now only loaded when entering loop studio screen upon boot up to prevent long boot up time
  • Refactored Audio block processing for additional stability
  • Made Play/Stop All button work as exit from all screens
  • Click is now audible in both main out and aux out during Count In
  • Added Screenshot function: MIDI message CC127:127 will save a screenshot to the SD card
  • New system to create log files on the SD card if Aeros crashes/freezes. In the rare case that the Aeros crashes, please email the crash log files to


  • Close loop at forgiveness point: Audio will be captured during the forgiveness period (up to 300 ms) and added to the loop to prevent loop ‘holes’ when pressing the button shortly after the measure line. (NOTE: The waveform in this section will not be visible but the audio is present)
  • Limit keyboard input to numbers and letters for first character of song name, to prevent empty song bug
  • Allow spaces in song name
  • Automatically delete transient overdub when muting with double tap
  • Muting with double tap will now not merge the overdub and base layer
  • Mixer now has track selected that was selected in loop studio
  • Fixed cancel recording on undone track making the measure lines disappear
  • Stability improvements on song parts. Fixed BeatBuddy next part crash.
  • Fixed crash when saving long songs
  • Fixed save button not working bug
  • Fixed song with no name being created bug
  • Fixed lost audio tracks after renaming song
  • Fixed crash caused by touching the screen while deleting song
  • Fixed: Cue recording with Next Track in 6x6 while recording and then cancel cue caused currently recording track to stop recording
  • Fixed Click Track Lag

Changelog since 2.17.6

  • Removed log prints that could cause audio pops. Fixed audio pop when recording on an undone track .
  • Improved “pops stability”
  • Reduce Lag on press
  • Increased button debounce on release to avoid glitches
  • Increased Fade curve duration

What we are working on next:

  • Reworking as many use flows as possible to support on-press commands for better timing while using Freeform mode.
  • MIDI support for MIDI Maestro Aeros Mode
  • Locked tracks feature (keep some tracks playing while song parts change)
  • Auto Quantize (Record first track in song part in Freeform and Aeros quantizes it)

Congrats !
But I made the OTA update and at restart I see : “Error code 0, 1. Please insert a valid update etc.”
So I will go the SD card way.
Congrats anyway.

Awesome, David, I can’t wait to try this out. Is there an equivalent of the quick fade for starts for the end, because if we have continuous loops, they’re going to cut off abruptly when it stops. All I can think of now, is just a bit more control over fade ins/outs, and crossfades, and this will be perfect! It’d be nice to have an option for longer fade ins and outs for us soundscapers.

(I know, I’m all about 'the soundscapers!)

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Please don’t Always talk midi for the midi maestro, build a real and exhaustive midi implementation for all the people which already have a midi footswitch.


@Thovy64 we will be adding MIDI functionality on a regular ongoing basis, but we will start with the functions in the MIDI Maestro Aeros mode.


Can I select a song via midi yet?

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@deekod not yet. We hope to include that with the MIDI implementation in the next update.


Thanks David, this is a great update by the way well done :clap::clap:

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I apologize for posting this elsewhere (sorry, Brennan), so I’ll put it here… is the ability for Record-Overdub-Play coming soon? In the initial post where this was requested, I believe David said that was going to be part of freeform. It’s essential for soundscapes to allow the tail to blend into the overdub, otherwise there’s a huge gap, from going to record to play to od.


@LordRadish does starting a new track by pressing Next Track in 6x6 instead of overdubbing work? I realize this uses up an additional track, rather than an overdub layer - but I’m wondering if this can be a temporary solution.

Yes @DavidPackouz, overdubing on 6x6 is still working on the release.
That sounds good, but… which button is gonna have the Next Track function?

Also, what about having the hold function (UNDO/REDO) on the Next Track Button instead of the top right button, so this is gonna free-up the hold function on the overdub button, and overdub can work on the press…

For anyone who’s having trouble updating via WiFi, I may have stumbled upon a process that helps. I tried 4 times to get the download, and it kept failing. On my final try, instead of accepting the download on startup, I selected no, and let the unit boot in the current firmware. Then, I selected the check for updates, and it downloaded and installed perfectly. It seemed like the partial download was causing problems. All good now. :grinning:



Is it that you plan to do that for this release ?

I’ve been just creating a topic to cover specifically actions around this high priority problem.

I can give this a try tonight, David, thanks. Is the ROP actually on the to-do list?

A “doesn’t save” bug is present in my device right now. :weary: I will log a bug in the other forum section.

Please PM me if you have anything you’d like me to try to debug this before I create another song and lose the ability to provide more info. @BeatBuddy_Support @BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz

@brennan Can someone clear this up for me please.

With 3.0, clearing a song now involves a little bit of audio from the current song playing. How much audio? A second, 1/2 a second?

As a non prerecorded track user, I won’t ever be loading a new song - I’ll just be clearing between songs, which means if the above is true, when I go to clear it as I get applause, say thankyou, have a bit of banter etc. etc., a bit of the last song’ll play. Is that right?



Only if you cinfigure the stop/start button to work on button down and the Aeros is stopped will you hear the beginning of the loop briefly. The default is for the button to work on release which avoids the tradeoff.

Also if you stop and clear the song at the same time, you will clear without starting the loop.

Here’s the deal:

  • If the button is setup to act on press, it needs to start playing the song without a delay (that’s the idea of button down actions). No free lunch or time travel on this.
  • If you keep on holding the button down, once you’ve held it down long enough, the clear action will be triggered and the loop is stopped if it was started on button press.
  • That delay time to wait for a hold is the length of the audio that might play.

It sounds worse than it is unless you need all of the following: stop on press (for me, the timing for stopping the loop isn’t that critical), clear the song while stopped (versus stopping and clearing at the same time), can’t roll the volume down, and can’t tolerate the brief sound. Note you might also just start or open another song (which might become easier) in a live performance. Might be other workarounds.

IMHO, it’s hard have a design that combines hold and double tap actions with button down. There’s a way to design around this, and an hoping SS will figure this out. Will post a short idea in a bit: Features to help with realtime button overload and design

:disappointed_relieved: release button again and again…

@quad Ok thanks. Yeah sorry forgot to say am using bb to trigger all starts, stops and pauses so only use ‘stop all’ button on Aeros for clearing a song at the end of the song when its stopped.

So am I gonna trigger a bit of audio then in that case?

Thanks :slight_smile: