Aeros firmware 2.17.x

Hi there fellow Aerosnauts!

EDIT: Official Version 3.0.0 has been released for download over WIFI and posted on the forum here on May 7, 2020.

Standard Disclaimer: This is a beta version of the firmware. Though we have tested it extensively and believe it to be very stable, we are leaving this as a beta for a few days just to confirm that there are no major issues before publishing it as an official version available over WIFI.

To try out this beta, update through the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-2.17.6.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

To go back to the previous firmware, use the same SD card update method to install version 2.15.5 or firmware 2.13.2

2.17.6 Changelog

  • Fixed audio pop issue in freeform mode

2.17.5 Changelog

  • You can now UNDO with a hold command while overdubbing
  • When entering Mixer, track selected is now the same as in the loop studio
  • Aeros now resets mixer volume levels to neutral after clearing a song by holding down Play/Stop ALL button
  • Next part MIDI command is now immediate instead of following End of Loop (EOL) setting - this is to keep your BeatBuddy and Aeros in sync in case you transitioned early on the BeatBuddy
  • Fixed lost audio tracks after renaming song
  • Allow space character in the song name for characters other than the first
  • Muting with double tap will now not merge the overdub and base layer
  • Tap tempo now follows time signature note type instead of always quarter notes
  • End of Loop settings now ignore undone tracks
  • Fixed: End of Loop red circle blinks on wrong track when recording and stopping/changing parts
  • Fixed cancel recording on undone track making the measure lines disappear
  • Fixed next part issues (button and moving labels)
  • Fixed BeatBuddy next part crash
  • Fixed next part not following EOL in freeform with sync length OFF when recording
  • Fixed auto-naming of songs based on songs in internal and SD storage (instead of only internal storage)
  • Fixed moving from SD to internal causing missing song
  • Fixed Next track while recording not following sync start setting
  • Fixed Mono Audio Output setting causing increase in volume
  • Fixed: Can’t delete song on Aeros if another song has same name on SD (and vice versa)
  • Fixed multiple possible crash causes

2.17.1 Changelog

  • Added cross fade on loop seams and quick fade in/out on start/stop to prevent audio pops
  • New Setting: Mute Immediately, End of Measure, End of Loop. This is for muting a track with a double tap. Muting in the mixer screen is always immediate.
  • New Setting: Record songs in Mono/Stereo (set when starting a new song)
  • New Setting: Play audio in Mono/Stereo (main settings)
  • New Setting: Play/Stop All button on press/release. Previously this button was active on release, it is now active on press, which makes it more immediate, but will cause a small amount of sound to be played when holding it down while stopped to clear a song. You can change it with the setting
  • Next Track button in 6x6 mode now works on downpress instead of release
  • Enabled single note time signatures (1/4, 1/8) so songs can be quantized to the beat instead of the measure
  • Click is now audible in both main out and aux out during Count In
  • Added “Mute All” option to mixer screen when no tracks are muted
  • Added Memory Used to Stopped Screen: This is how much of the currently loaded song memory has been used. Saving the song will merge the overdubs and free up more memory. This is not the total stored memory of all songs (which can be expanded with the SD card)
  • Added low memory and out of memory warning dialog, shown for 5 seconds (can be dismissed with PLAY/STOP or lower left button)
  • Added solid red circle around track clock of Longest Loop in song part that is being used as a basis for recording a new track when the Sync Track Length setting enabled
  • Added Screenshot function: MIDI message CC127:127 will save a screenshot to the SD card
  • New system to create log files on the SD card if Aeros crashes. In the rare case that the Aeros crashes, please email the crash log files to


  • Close loop at forgiveness point: Audio will be captured during the forgiveness period (up to 300 ms) and added to the loop to prevent loop ‘holes’ when pressing the button shortly after the measure line. (NOTE: The waveform will not be visible but the audio is present)
  • Fixed renaming of existing song bug
  • Limit keyboard input to numbers and letters for first character of song name, to prevent empty song bug
  • Fixed crash caused by touching the screen while deleting song
  • Fixed: Cue recording with Next Track in 6x6 while recording and then cancel cue caused currently recording track to stop recording
  • Fixed Click Track Lag
  • Automatically delete transient overdub when muting with double tap
  • Various fixes

This is a follow up to beta version 2.15.5 which was never officially released over WiFi.

2.15.5 Changelog

  • Added quick start guide
  • Saving/managing songs on SD card is now available
  • Songs are sorted in song list by last loaded order (all SD card stored songs will be below internal memory stored songs in the song list screen after bootup)
  • Songs can now be renamed again when editing song
  • Added Sync track feature (start / length) in song settings: Sync Start forces all tracks to start in the same place. Sync length will force all tracks to be a multiple of the first track in the song part. Freeform tracks can be equal to the first track or 2, 4, 8, etc times as long. Quantized tracks can also be half as long as the first track or 1 measure long. This keeps all tracks from going out of time with each other.
  • Added track offsets: If sync start is off, the Aeros will now keep the relative differences between the start points of tracks
  • Added global setting: Change song parts/Stop song: Immediate/End of Measure, End of Loop. This controls when songs parts change and when Aeros stops playback after pressing Stop All. If End of Loop is enabled, song parts will change and playback will stop at the end of the longest loop in the currently playing song part. If the [Immediate/EOM] option is selected, Freeform songs will change/stop immediately and Quantized songs will change/stop at the End of Measure.
  • Reduced forgiveness lag from 500ms to 300ms. This is the time of a button pressed after the measure line triggering at the passed measure line. The long forgiveness lag was causing problems during songs with a fast tempo.
  • Allow Main Input to not be routed anywhere. This was requested by users who use a mixer going into the Aeros and want to prevent a ‘phasing’ effect.
  • Song is only loaded when entering loop studio screen upon boot up to prevent long boot up time.
  • Refactored Audio block processing for additional stability.


  • Fixed crash when saving long songs.
  • Song with no name being created bug

Awesome! I’ll test it right now and give you my thoughts… lots of changes!! :smiley:
Question: is the Locking Track function coming up in the next update? I reeeeeally looking forward for that, it was one of the main reasons I bought the Aeros.
Thanks for all the feedback and the effort on making this looper better and better!!

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This is great. Downloaded and going to go and play!

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Thanks, downloading …

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Thanks, it works great! :heart_eyes:

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So happy to see the development progressing at fast pace! I bought the Aeros knowing it was still incomplete, but wanted to support you guys by buying your product (if no one buys the Aeros, how can you fund its development?). Your online presence through this forum, and the regular updates, makes me feel like I did the right choice. Keep up the good work!


Thank you @audiosampling that means the world to us. We wouldn’t exist without everybody’s faith in us and we’re determined not to let you down.

@sharifkerbage locking tracks is one of our top priority features. We’re currently discussing whether it makes more sense to do this or raising the 2:30 per track time limit first. Along with MIDI compatibility and hands free song selection. These three items are at the top of the dev list.


Well, I think 2:30 is already a nice specification, though I am definitely among the people longing for more (to create ambient soundscapes for - like this one for example: Shiny Crazy Cluster). My main current issue, is not too much the 2:30 limit (per track) but the 20:00 overall limit. That one limits the average track length to 100s. If one limit was to be raised first, it would be the project limit, not the track limit, IMHO.


Hello hello,
I’m in 2.17 with the 2x2 mode.

Problem # 1:
I selected record and playback for the “midi in: start” parameter.
I start the play of my master equipment, the aeros record. Great.
After recording I restart my master equipment again to make an overdub or record on my track 2. The aeros does not overdub, it does playback. Even if I do an undo on track 1 that I just recorded, the aeros does playback while I have selected record in the parameter “midi in: start”

Problem # 2:
With the record setting of the “midi in: start” parameter, it records track 1. Can’t we choose the track we want to record?

Problem # 3
I selected mono when setting up my loop (in order to be able to work with a suitable recording length). Result, the recording stops after 2min30sec? !!! And that tells me memory used 13%

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Hi there, the MIDI start record command is only for recording the first track of an empty song part while the Aeros is stopped, it does not trigger recordings nor overdubs while Aeros is playing back.

We are looking into overdub corner cases, it is true that if you undo a track as your first track, the MIDI start will not trigger a recording.

2x2 is currently set up to record to the top track when it receives a MIDI start, so you can record to bottom track of first part if in freeform/ not being triggered by a master. However, switching to next part will always set up recording on the top track.

The 2:30 individual loop recording time is for mono audio, stereo recordings cut that in half.

1-We should be able to restart the recording if we are wrong, this is an anomaly.

2-Being able to select the track would be a plus. If you want to prepare backing tracks when you play with a drum machine. For example track 1 guitar track 2 bass.

3-With the previous firmware (2.15), I was stuck at 2:30 too. I don’t see where the evolution is.

As of now, you must stop the recording and clear tracks if the first track must be trashed. We are looking into the possibility of clearing only a track, but that is not currently a high priority.

This deviates from the way the Aeros currently creates tracks on 6x6, it would be interesting to see this implemented, since, as you say, it would help keep track of what elements are on each track. As of right now, we haven’t looked into this.

The individual track recording time was not one of the features that we improved in this firmware update.

Here’s a pretty annoying bug:

Once you record more than one track and then erase them, it is not possible to change the loop length to anything other than a multiple of the (other) erased tracks:

  • Create new song with Sync Tracks Length, Quantize to measure off (probably not needed)?
  • Record track 1
  • Record track 2
  • Erase all tracks (not sure if the order of creation and erasure is important)
  • Click Record and Click “Play” to try to make a loop shorter than either deleted track.
  • The new track is at least as long as the other deleted track

Not sure if all the above steps are required.


Would be good to change the help text for “Sync Tracks” to include “Start & Length”.

If I make make mistake in track 2. I stop record track 2 ( stoped length is shorter than track 1.) I have to clear all song and start record track 1 again to reset track 2 length.

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I forgot about the way to clear the song when stopped by holding the stop button (and it would be nice to have a subtle reminder of the actions possible for hold and double tap). Thanks, I was deleting the song.

Very cool. My 2 cents. Would like song part and track locking for saved songs in 6x6 mode to have the ability to not use unrecorded song parts. Say I use only 4 of the 6 song parts, now when I replay my saved song I can change song parts without having to click through the unused song parts to get to a part that does have something recorded. Also would still like to see a foot function for changing songs. Although this product has come a long way, it’s fantastic. Really digging mine!

Hey could you please specify, are you “undoing” or “clearing”, because if you are clearing all tracks, this doesn’t and shouldn’t happen. However, undoing the track is still not being registered as a “cleared” track, and that is something we are aware of and are working on fixing.


We are looking into the possibility of clearing tracks individually, though this is a bug with undone tracks, this is something we are working on.

We have some ideas about how to handle this, but nothing solid yet. The best thing I can say right now, is that once the MIDI is mapped for Aeros (1-2mos), you would be able to use the MIDI Maestro to switch to specific song parts.

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David, I’d say definitely make increasing the time limit a priority. 6 tracks of soundscapes fill up pretty quickly!

Gonna try this update when it goes live, next week, thanks!


Question for y’all at SS. I haven’t downloaded this, waiting for it to go live, but I had a question. Let’s say I’m in 6x6. My first loop starts at the beginning. Then, I start recording my next loop at, say, 30 seconds after the beginning of the first loop. How will all of that play out when I restart it? I still don’t want that loop to start until 30 seconds in… what will it do? It doesn’t make sense to have it start at the beginning, because I may be starting it to time with something else in that first track.