Aeros firmware 2.15.x

UPDATE: A newer firmware version is available: Aeros firmware 2.17.x

To try out this beta, update through the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-2.15.5.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

To go back to the previous firmware, use the same SD card update method to install firmware 2.13.2

2.15.5 Changelog

  • Added quick start guide
  • Saving/managing songs on SD card is now available
  • Songs are sorted in song list by last loaded order (all SD card stored songs will be below internal memory stored songs in the song list screen after bootup)
  • Songs can now be renamed again when editing song
  • Added Sync track feature (start / length) in song settings: Sync Start forces all tracks to start in the same place. Sync length will force all tracks to be a multiple of the first track in the song part. Freeform tracks can be equal to the first track or 2, 4, 8, etc times as long. Quantized tracks can also be half as long as the first track or 1 measure long. This keeps all tracks from going out of time with each other.
  • Added track offsets: If sync start is off, the Aeros will now keep the relative differences between the start points of tracks
  • Added global setting: Change song parts/Stop song: Immediate/End of Measure, End of Loop. This controls when songs parts change and when Aeros stops playback after pressing Stop All. If End of Loop is enabled, song parts will change and playback will stop at the end of the longest loop in the currently playing song part. If the [Immediate/EOM] option is selected, Freeform songs will change/stop immediately and Quantized songs will change/stop at the End of Measure.
  • Reduced forgiveness lag from 500ms to 300ms. This is the time of a button pressed after the measure line triggering at the passed measure line. The long forgiveness lag was causing problems during songs with a fast tempo.
  • Allow Main Input to not be routed anywhere. This was requested by users who use a mixer going into the Aeros and want to prevent a ‘phasing’ effect.
  • Song is only loaded when entering loop studio screen upon boot up to prevent long boot up time.
  • Refactored Audio block processing for additional stability.


  • Fixed crash when saving long songs.
  • Song with no name being created bug

KNOWN BUG: Occasionally it seems like the save button isn’t working – after the song is saved the button does not fade out and if you try to exit the song, Aeros will ask you to save the song again. This is a User Interface bug, the Aeros is actually saving the song, though it appears that it is not. We are working on fixing this.

Coming next:

  • Record/Playback in Mono/Stereo – Currently everything is recorded in Stereo. The option to record in Mono will double the available memory.
  • Advanced crossfade / fade in/out algorithm to smooth transitions on loop start/end points and between song parts to prevent audio ‘pop’ sounds when there is a large audio difference during a transition.
  • Advanced MIDI Command response - for integration with the MIDI Maestro and other devices.

Note about development schedule: Though we have been working hard to release as many updates to the Aeros as quickly as possible, we have realized that we need additional developers to get the development speed up to a pace that is acceptable to us, and that you all deserve. We have hired several new developers and they are currently getting trained on the project. This process of building a larger development team will initially slow down our current development as time needs to be spent getting the new team members up to speed. But we expect that in the next 1-2 months our development speed should increase significantly and we will release updates more often. Thank you all for your continued patience as we build the Aeros into everything we know it can be.


Amazing!! Can’t wait to test it!!!.. When is the track Hold feature gonna be available? And also the option to record the loops in mono…

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Curious as to why the SD card stable firmware updates for the Areos are not on the SingularSound site (support/downloads like most manufacturers logically do?), but rather on the forum where they won’t be found easily in the future without users asking (persist will usually come to the rescue with a link :smiley:) or the user lucky enough to find it in a search?

Even the BB downloads need some effort to find some content between two different locations which is annoying.

‘Downloads’ tab at page bottom has most stuff…

‘Premium Library’ for default content??? It took me a while to find this one day when I was looking for the drumsets :angry:

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Thanks, David, excited about this, and really excited about the next update with the crossfades and fadeouts, as that’s the big one I’m waiting for.

A question about the sync track feature… when it’s turned off, the tracks will just start wherever they were started on recording, then?

The beta releases would not be on the main website, because the beta releases are not intended for everyone. For actual non-beta releases, the automatic update feature of the Aeros is used.

I actually dislike the way other companies do updates. The Aeros process is much better.


NIce job. This looks very promising!

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Can’t wait to be back home and load this! Thanks for the effort and transparency on the devt schedule :slight_smile:

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Does SD card support include export and import?

[Back after playing with the update and can answer my own question.]

Export works, but import might have some minor bugs:

  • If you copy an exported song, it shows up in the song list, but opening, opens the original song you copied from.
    • Editing .meta file that has the name of the song in it, crashed upon first open. Upon reboot, it loads, but is blank (including the title. I know I’m pushing it. Would be nice to avoid the whole dependence on some Aeros Manager program to edit this metadata and manage songs externally. Used emacs which should not have messed with the file format. Would CSV or YAML be possible?
  • Also noticed that if you eject and reinsert the sdcard, the songs on the sd card no longer show up near the top of the list as recently used. This is a more valid bug than the one above.

The Aeros is definitely more polished, and the sync to loop is very nice. Definitely lets me focus on the music and not worry so much about button timing.

  • In quantized mode, can we get a numerical count down to the start of the loop after queing a record/stop/change part? Display 3, 2, 1 measures to go, perhaps count down beats in final measure? Sort of the opposite of the measure count up when recording.
  • Also need a way to cancel the queued stop of a song. That is, when you click stop on song that is loop synced, pressing stop again (before the start of the loop) should let the Aeros behave as if you never clicked stop. (Bonus points for making the flashing red and green elements a bit less intense.)

This update is looking very good…


-What about the inputs/outputs/panoramics management? Is it planned on the roadmap?
-What about the play/stop setting to work on downpress?


Great… good ID to increase your team…


End of loop is really great… but I still think the “play” fonction is not needed… select a part will be sufficient, one click less…


This is only a beta so we will not post it anywhere but here just yet, but if you mean to add the most current version to our website for easy manual download by SD (if that is preferable to you), maybe that would be good to have available. We’re currently working on designs that optimize people finding our content easily, so we will keep your comments in mind! Thanks for the input!

The “don’t route main output anywhere” half-solves my biggest current complaint, I am wondering though if it would be possible to actually have direct control over the dry volume?

Thanks a bunch for prioritizing the fade in/fade out/crossfade functionality. With that the Aeros will do everything I’ve been waiting for in a looper. The rest to come will be wonderful gravy. I would encourage a look at the way the Pigtonix Infinity 2 allows for aging and fading out loops over time. That is a very cool and useful thing and Aeros certainly could do it. But, most of all, thanks for working on the basic fade out!!!


" Would be nice to avoid the whole dependence on some Aeros Manager program to edit this metadata and manage songs externally. Used emacs which should not have messed with the file format. Would CSV or YAML be possible?"
A .csv or .txt will be great, others loopers work with this. It will be great if we can load a backing track.

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I tried using the new firmware today and something’s wrong.
I have a 64GB SanDisk Extreme microSD that I have an SD Card Converter for. I inserted the blank microSD inside of its converter in my MacBook. I then downloaded the Aeros-2.15.5.bin and renamed it to aeros.bin. I moved the aeros.bin to the SD card and I properly Ejected the disk.

I then inserted this card into the Aeros with it turned OFF. I made sure it was inserted all the way. I then turned the Aeros on and the aeros is still reading the previous firmware 2.13.2.

I tried this whole process twice just to make sure. The settings and entire Aeros software/firmware are exactly the same. No changes like said for 2.15. When I click on the Updates folder it says I’m still running 2.13.2

Am I doing something wrong??
Please advise me what to do. I would like to test this Beta and I won’t have much time later this week to do so.

I figured out that I had to format the SD card to a PC format.
Now it works. YAY!

I don’t think the AEROS operating system can use 64Gb SD cards. Try either a 16Gb or a 32Gb SDHC card instead.

I confirm, it seems the limit is 32G…

I like the new feature where loops on different tracks stay synchronized even when not quantized, but I do have a question. Say I record the first loop which I consider to be four measures. On the next track I only want to record something during measures three and four. So as I play the first track, as measure three comes around I select the next track and record my two measures. Now I want to stop recording on that track. When I press the Play button it goes to Overdub, but it is actually still recording on that track until four measures worth comes around. I know the tracks have to be multiples of the first track, but is there a way to stop recording on a new track before it finishes creating its full length? As soon as I finish playing measures three and four on the second track I want to start playing over the the first loop without recording what I play.
I hope that makes sense.