3rd party drum editor

I created a very long intro to a song only to find out I need to shave off a silent gap at the end of it.

Is there a grid type editor like BB but with more horsepower? Preferably one that doesn’t cost a fortune since drum editing is all I will do with it.

There was a program floating around years ago called Beat Builder which you may like. I don’t think I have it any more but here’s the thread on it.

It hasn’t been updated for years but can still work beats. Hope it helps.

Thanks Neil, I will check it out!

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From the description it looks like I can chop up some of the “one press” songs I have. My band never plays a song the same way twice.

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I don’t think this will work for me. I imported the midi file I am working on and it played at warp speed, ignoring all of the triplets in the song. Any other suggestions?

Only a DAW is the only other MIDI editors I have used. I use Cubase but there are free ones available online that could do it. Other users may have more experience with those ones than I do.

Which version of Cubase do you use and does it use a drum grid or a piano roll?

I’m using Elements 8. Getting on a bit now but does everything I need it to. I have Elements 9 on a laptop but that is on our laptop which runs our digital mixer. I can record our shows mutichannel straight to Cubase on the laptop.

And yeah you can do a drum grid or a piano roll.

Cool, thanks.

I think Avid is offering their Pro Tools First DAW free of charge. 16 tracks, some virtual instruments, some basic effects, etc. I use Logic Pro X so I don’t know how steep the learning curve would be for Pro Tools but, hey, it’s the industry standard DAW.

For some unknown reason I cannot paste the link here :confused: so just Google Avid Pro Tools First free.

PS: Cakewalk (windows only) by Bandlab is also free

Pro tools is hard! That’s a whole field of study, but if you’re willing to invest time to learn it, it is an excellent tool (this is my DAW of choice).

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Does anyone know if Ableton Live will do this, too? I had the free Lite version, but just got the paid Intro version with a piece of gear I bought. I, too, am interested in editing some of the BB songs. I’ve done this in BB MGR, but it’s labor intensive!

Ableton live will work fine.