(5.0.3) Mixer is not responding to mute/unmute commands normally

I had two moments in 6x6 mode last night (v 5.0.3) where the mixer didn’t work properly. The tracks did not mute or gray out, or grayed out but did not mute. I exited and re-entered but it did the same, unless I switched parts and came back. I think it will be hard to find how to reproduce but I will return here if I experience it again and try to report it in better detail.

Hey there,

I made a new thread because what you seem to be experiencing is likely not the same issue.

Please do give more info about steps to reproduce and or any videos of what you are seeing.

You can send unlisted youtube videos and info to support@singularsound.com

Question, how are you muting the tracks is it via the touchscreen, using the buttons, or via MIDI?

Thanks for reporting

thanks, I will.

I was using the no hands menu and the footswitches.

I had the same problem, only the tracks didn’t even grey out. The function MUTE just didn’t work.
Firmw 5.03 with a Midi Maestro connected, but I was using the buttons on the Aeros at the time.
It happened a few times during a practice session. Each time I deleted the song and started from scratch the MUTE function worked normally again. So as to what might have triggered it, I have no idea.

Hey guys,

W have posted 5.1.x, if you would like to test your issues on this version they should be fixed, thanks!