Abort transition?

Hi there,

I looked into the manual, but I did not find an answer :
is it possible to cancel/abort a transition, thru the pedal(s) or thru MIDI ?
I mean :

  • you started a transition, it is playing
  • the next part is still not launched
  • you realize that you are stupid and made a mistake :slight_smile: and you finally want to stay on the current part…

Hey there,

Transition cancel commands are coming in 4.1.x

Transitions can be cancelled once set up by using the bottom left button on the Aeros.

Thanks for the questions!

could you tell me what kind of MIDI message the Aeros is sending to the BB to cancel the transition ?

It does not send this because the Aeros cannot be the master, this is an upcoming update it is not yet possible. The BeatBuddy transition can be cancelled by tapping the Main Pedal.

oh, so MIDI CC 120 (which emulates the BB main pedal) can cancel the transition ?

Oh no, alas, I tested it, MIDI CC120 does not cancel the transition… But strangely, it cancels any running OUTRO…

Can I ask, what version are you on?

You can check this by holding both the tempo and drum knobs down and going to the bottom of the menu to About BeatBuddy. The version number will be shown there.

I’m in 3.9.9 (last stable version, no ?)

Ok, just verifying, I believe we may have covered this in 4.0.1, so I will take that into consideration when I test this.

Thanks man.