About the software manager: basic functions


Ok, i know i’m not the smartest… but i don’t understand how to manage the software. All I want to di should be pretty simple:

  1. Open Bossa Nova song
  2. Change the default Drumset
  3. Change the Tempo
  4. Replace the intro with a simple metronome (better stick) 1, 2, 3, 4…
  5. Delete the Outro
  6. Create a New Folder named “gigs”
  7. Save the song with another name in the folder “gigs” without modifying the original song
  8. Load the new song in the Buddy selecting the folder “gig” on it.

Can someone explain me how to do it?
Thanks in advance to everyone will help me :slight_smile:


there is a tip here

About how to create a new folder, and edit the CSV files so it is recognised, you can call it gigs, then copy some of the base songs you want to use. Basically if you make a copy 1st then you then edit the songs in the new gigs folder you can have your new versions and keep your originals intact.

This isn’t ideal though, and I have put a feature request in for copy/paste functionality…probably should also ask for a new directory option too.


Hey, that was an ugly hack before manager software was available!

Here is what you need:


Ah Brilliant, I missed that…so we can now make new folders, that’s awesome

but we don’t have cut and paste do we, to allow us to fill those new folders?


Import and export of song also does not seem to allow you to move songs from one folder to another I got and error stating
Missing Effect to Song mapping information Skipping file

and nothing went into the folder.


Unfortunately, I am not aware of the clipboard functions like copy and paste in the manager software.



But I did find that I could export a folder

then import it

and it would come in as a new folder with the (1) added to the name, in other words a copy of the folder which can be renamed to suit

If you want to edit a particular set of beats, this is probably the way to do it.
If the import song thing can be fixed it will make it possible to add songs from other folders too…though I could be making a mistake there somewhere, Daefecator can you advise on song imports?


I feel there are too many options in Manager Software to open something. Sometimes it lefts me wondering what am I supposed to do - Open Project? Maybe Import Single File Project? Or Import Project from Pedal?

So to be honest, I’ve never used Export/Import Folders. Doing such with specific songs was enough for me. What is the Import Song bug you are mentioning (I’ve seen reports about it earlier but had no time to check)?


I select a song
export it, call it temp.sng

then move my cursor to highlight new folder

import the song…

but I get
Missing Effect to Song mapping information Skipping file

so nothing goes into the new folder

am I missing something obvious?


Not all songs return Missing Effect to Song mapping information Skipping file on import when I tried it.


Ah, that must be a bug with Accent Hit. I don’t use that function ever, so I’ve rarely ran into this situation.

Before exporting a song, remove Accent Hit (the last column named Footswitch). You can then re-select it again after importing.


ahh…ok so what’s the cause of that then, some songs don’t have an effect mapping…where do we fix that?


As suggested by the staff, I created a new folder, then exported a song, imported it in my new folder and modified it. It works, even if some songs (blues ones) come with an error and can’t be imported.
Now, I would like to change the intro with a simple “1, 2, 3, 4”. I used the metronome coming with the BeatBuddy but I don’t like the sound, I would like to replace it with drumsticks. How can I do it? Can someone explain a “step by step”?


As of currently, there is no way you can do this solely with manager software. You will need a third-party software for editing MIDI files. I personally use Guitar Pro (version 5.2 + RSE is much better than version 6 in my opinion). So the step-by-step guide will differ a lot basing on the program you use. I heard Guitar Pro is not free…


I know I need a third party software. For recordings, I use Cubase along with Superior drummer, but I don’t know how to proceed with beat buddy…


Just make a MIDI file, then import it to your song using BB manager software.


I’ll try, thank you.


I still get the effects mapping error after removing the foot switch accents.


That’s pretty bad :frowning:
Can you please name the song that you are trying to export-import and that gives you an error so I can check it later at home?

The ugliest (but totally working) workaround would be to simply recreate a song by inserting all the song parts from the previous song, but I know, it is too tedious.


I am not aware of this either. Had a play last night with the manager software and created a full set for Sunday quite easily using Blues 1, Funk4, Pop4,Techno3

  1. Created a new folder
  2. Found the BB song I wanted to change
  3. Exported it
  4. Reimported it to my new folder
  5. Made the changes and saved it.