About the The Use Case Manual category

A category dedicated to the documentation of Singular Sound devices in several real-world use cases

  • This category will serve as a living online manual that allows new users to easily access information about specific topics.
  • This category will cover use cases mixing our units overreaching the other unit-specific forum categories. This section will also include official documentation on using our products with other company’s products.
  • Official how-to material for any singular sound product or any combination of products will be found here
  • must follow the Forum Rules
  • Posting is limited to mods and admins, this category is not meant for user posts, it is only meant for official documentation.
  • Relevant questions can be asked in the posted topic as replies (if the topic is open), but irrelevant replies will either be hidden or moved.
  • Forward requests for use cases to be covered to support@singularsound.com