Accent Hit Error?

Trying out some new songs that were just posted. I get this error message.


I think it has to do with the effects folder so I went in there and found this:

It appears that I have the.BCF but am missing the WAV.

  1. Is this an accurate description of my issue? If so, how can I get the WAV files? I’m guessing it’s from the original factory
  2. If that’s not the issue, what is?

Thank you!

I get that error message once in a while. I usually delete the song from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), quit the BBM, launch the BBM and load the song and the song works and there’s no error message.

The songs in question came from a PBF folder.

Does this change anything about the issue or your suggestion to fix it?

Does it display an error for every song or just certain songs?

Tell me which folder and which song and I’ll test it.

LATE EDIT: I just imported all three folders and tested the songs and don’t have any issues with any of the songs. You do have his Rock with Bass kit active, correct?

It doesn’t change my suggestion. Try it. If it doesn’t work, download the zip file again. Remove the 3 folders from your BBM and import them again.

Just certain songs -
Songs with Bass 2
Life Is A Highway
Somebody to Love
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Also, I checked different file from a different folder that I know was working in the past. It uses the same accent hit (34A0F081) and I got the same error message.

And, if I delete the accent hit, it will play.

At some point I deleted wav files as I was trying to get rid of duplicates. I’m guessing, that’s why the error is coming up

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