Accent Hit Samples

Thought it might be a nice idea to have a post where users can go to find links to accent hits. Please add any good website you use that provide free .WAV files. I found one that seems to have a vast selection with decent quality.

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Especially ones that are a bit more than just a single cymbal hit, etc. I’d love to have an accent hit that was a crash/kick combined or something like that. Is that doable?

For which kit or kits? Easy enough to make if that’s what you want.

Rock and Standard kit for sure.

Since you appear to have some experience with Ableton, all you have to do is put both the crash and kick intro Ableton, and then render the two wavs as a new wav, and voila, you have your crash kick wav that can then be added as an accent.

Here ya go:

Here is a site that I liked.

There is really cool stuff on this site if you take the time to go through it. Lots of one-shots ready for BB drum kits. Some of the links do go through a punch of pop-ups, but the samples are there, and they are pretty good.

I actually posted elsewhere, but where can I place these Cym plus Bass Wavs so they show up in the Global accent menu?

So where is the best place to place the Accent and user created Wavs for use on the BB as it seems they can be placed anywhere as long as point to it via the editor. Just wondering what is best practice as I seem to already have stuff all over the place and I am just getting started. Would it be best to put them in the Workspace under a default library or user library or elsewhere? Do they have to at least be in one song to show up in the Global accent list on the BB or is there a place to put them where I can just choose through Global.

I keep them in a separate folder on my hard drive within my Drum Kits Waves folder, then just enter them into songs as need be.

I’m new to the Beat Buddy… I want to change my accent hit from a cymbal crash to a cowbell (which was not a current option in my Beat Buddy–at least that I could find), so I followed one of the above links to a free site and found a cowbell WAV file that I liked. Can someone walk me through how to add this as an accent option for my Beat Buddy footswitch (if possible)? (I’m somewhat familiar with importing premium content [songs and drumsets] through the Beat Buddy Manager program.) Thank you! :slight_smile:

If the wav is in the proper format for the BB to handle it (44.1khz sample rate, 16 or 24 bit, with meta data stripped), all you have to is to click on “Accent Hit” in the song and navigate to the wav in your hard drive. That will add the wav to the song.

Thanks for your speedy reply, Phil. I believe the WAV file was compatible. However, I may not be understanding something. I’m not working with a song. I’m looking at assigning a different accent hit to my footswitch. When I go to the BB pedal menu to do this, there are different cymbal sounds to choose from (which I thought I had read were WAV files). I’d like to choose the new cowbell WAV file I found, but I don’t know how to import this to my pedal, as it’s not a song or a drumset. I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to get a cowbell sound into the options for an accent hit on my footswitch.

Maybe you’re trying to do more than I’m thinking but in Beatbuddy Manager all you should have to do is click on the … icon in the Accent Hit field, it’ll bring up a window for you to select the .wav file you want (wherever you have it on your disk), save the song, and synchronize your Beatbuddy pedal. If you already have an accent hit associated with the part just click on the accent icon and change the .wav file to whatever you want.

…btw maybe I should add, all the footswitch is does is play whatever .wav file you have saved with a song so technically you have to be working with a song. You could always have a song stopped, the Accent Hit should still play anyway.

Thanks, Raymond. But I’m not working with a specific song. I’m trying to assign functions to my Footswitch (My “1st footswitch function” “while playing” is an accent hit which always sounds like a clangy cymbal crash). So I’m changing the accent hit sound by pressing both the Drum knob and Tempo Knob to get into the pedal menu. Then I scroll down to Footswitch>Accent>Source>. From here, it was originally on “Default”, so I scroll down to “Global” and choose “Select”, where a list of other options come up (right now also mostly different kinds of cymbal crashes–albeit, a few are not so annoying). So I guess what I’m trying to do is figure out how to get my new cowbell WAV file into this “Global” list. I hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

Raymond: I missed your second reply while I was typing. Sorry! So… I guess I’m confused then, because every song I ever played before sounded like the same cymbal hit no matter what drum set I was using or song I was playing. Hmmm… I guess I should go back to the pedal, change the default accent hit to a different “Global” sound I like better and experiment to see how different songs are affected with the Footswitch assigned this way. I will come back to this thread after working with this a little bit, so I can see if my understanding is catching up to what’s being said here. LOL! I’m excited about this pedal, but it is a learning curve!

That’s the beauty of the pedal, you can use whatever accent hit you want! Heck record your own. It’s a pretty powerful musical tool and you really can do a lot with it just out of the box but you can do so much more. Then again that’s probably why it’s also a bit of a learning curve. But trust me, you won’t regret the time you spend learning. There’s also plenty of help here on the forum so don’t hesitate to ask any question as you keep learning, good luck!