Accent hits

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Hi. Tom here. I know this is an old thread but maybe someone can help.
I don’t have a computer so I’m using my Beatbuddy basically out of the box with version 3.80.
I’m not getting accent hits on rock songs 1 through 4.
I know the kit has accent hits for other songs.
I thought I caused it with an errant midi command but I restored factory defaults and no change.
Is it the songs or something I did?
Thank you for reading.

Not sure it’s anything you’ve done as the Rock beats 1-4 don’t have accent hits as part of the first loop of each song but those beats have the accent hits in the subsequent loops.

I tried the songs in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) but cannot hear the accent hit when playing the second or third main drums loop part of those beats but I don’t know if that’s because the main drum loops, fills or transitions drown them out. I’ll try them out again on the pedal when I go practice later on this evening.

Thanks. I thought the accent was a function of drum kit. But it’s also determined by song apparently.
I’m learning!

Not to confuse you, but, if you use the Midi Maestro with the BB, then the accent hit presets on the Midi Maestro ARE controlled by the drumkit. But, if you use the BB with the extension pedal switch, then the accent hits are whatever wav file(s) was programmed into the song as an accent hit. That would be totally independent of the sounds in the drumkit.

Using the foot switch.
I also have it connected via midi to my keyboard to get some other controls operating the transition, fills, etc.
I’ve had about three or four times where it shut off by itself. I’m not sure why. I believe somehow it received a program change and changed to a different drum pattern. (Song).
I really need to get a computer so that I can program this and find some new patterns on line hopefully to get some gigs soon.
If I was getting gigs perhaps I would purchase the 2020 collection. But I just can’t justify it right now.

So then what can happens, if you just use the footswitch for accents, is you are at the mercy of whoever programmed the song. With many of the User songs here on the Forum, there might be no accents programmed. This would be especially true with OPB songs, as the programmer generally is expecting the song to be played without any interaction from the musician.

Does most of the user content Contain other instruments or only drums?
I only want drums.
Am I still able to use these files?
Also what is min. requirement for computer to run BB manager?
And by the way thanks for all your help.

There is a variety. There is quite a bit of drums plus bass, but you can usually use those with regular drums kits and the bass will have no playback. You can also look for files labeled DOP (drums, one press.) I am not sure of the minimum requirements for BBM. You should post that as a separate question and someone who knows should respond.