Footswitch: no accent hits with 1st Switch Playing

Just got my footswitch; configured it; everything works except I get no accent hits at all. I’ve changed the function of the 1st Switch Playing to “no action” and then changed it back to “accent hit.” Still nothing. I have the proper cable; the right switch works fine; on the left switch I changed the 1st Switch Stopped function to “song back” and that works fine. So how do I get accent hits to work?

Do the accent hits not play on any of the songs, or just some of them? I am asking because certain songs from the library do have accent hits.

You need to select a song that has accent hits in it. Some songs don’t have any accent hits.

Sorry, I guess I still have a lot to learn here. I’m creating beats for songs I want to play; I haven’t downloaded any songs. So none of the songs I’m creating have accent hits in them. Which brings up the next question: how do I program accent hits into songs? Is there a thread I can follow on that?

The accent hits use WAV files. You can use either the ones included by default (Documents\BBWorkspace\default_lib\wave_files) or use your own. If you use your own, the maximum size is 3.78 MB. You would just place them in the ‘Accent Hit’ track of the song you are editing in the BBManager.