Acoustic version of Layla

Dear all, I just get start using BB. I need to play the acoustic version of Layla. What is the best beat and drum set that fit for this song? Please advice.

Don’t know if these links will help: or

If Phil (not Flood) hasn’t re-uploaded his version, I’ll try it but it will be as a one-press with versions for bass and keys.

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LAYLA_OPB.sng (397.4 KB)

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Thank! persist and Mike_OC, BTW in Phil’s song it does require “NP Standard Pro with Bass” drum set. Where I can find it? I even bought the “Stand Pro” premium drum set but It isn’t the same?

And in Mike’s song, It need “SuperBass”. Where I find this drum set too? I hope I’m not ask too much but I just got the BB and still wandering around. Please advice. Thanks :slight_smile:

This link will help

I think, but I’m not positive that Layla is in this folder

You’ll have to download it and use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to File > Import > Folder to see the contents.