Add an intro to a song?

Would like to add intros to various song in the library, however the intro box is non-existent, and no amount of clicking in the space does anything. Is the only way to add an intro to create a new song?

BBM 1.65

Does it look anything like this? If not, could you share a screen shot and the title of the song, please?

Yep, how do I do that on this forum…I did try one the other day, but couldn’t figure it, sorry!

How to take Windows screen shots

Save your screen shot to the desktop
Start your reply to this post
Drag and drop the screen shot file to your reply

oh cool, just drag n drop…too easy. I already have the screenshot, that part I knew :slight_smile:

This is what the song should look like in the BBM. The solution has to do with adjusting your monitor or laptop screen resolution: Beatbuddy Screen Resolution Problems - #13 by BrewerGuy

However, a song with an intro placed in the same position has that intro block clearly visible (just like that image above)…this thing only happens to those songs without an intro, so it can’t be a resolution thing!!

The Intro section is displayed in your screen shot however, it’s chopped and the X in the upper right corner is missing which is similar if not the same symptom as other users reported. The reason other Intro sections display the Intro when it’s populated with a MIDI file is because of the size of the file expanding the Intro section displayed.

If you hover around the Intro section with your cursor, you should see a yellow tool tip Add midi file which indicates that the section is there.

Please try adjusting the resolution and let us know if that helps. If not, best to ask for help. Let him know what size monitor you’re using.

Thanks. I will have another try at that, although I think it may end up in the bailiwick of support!