Aeros 2 X 2 Crash


If I record in to the second track first and then save the project, when I try to record on the first track the aeros will crash. When rebooted the track recorded on the second track is now on the first track.

Its not a deal breaker or anything but is this what you would expect to happen and the rule is always record on Track 1 first.


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The crash is not normal, which firmware do you have?
The change of the tracks is hell yeah
but what you can try , is record a short empty measure without play anything, just to have a empty track
on the first one, normally this gonna keep the order of your track

Yes if I record something on the first track all works fine, just need to make sure that I don’t record on the second without something being on the first.

Im on v4.1.5

Hey there,

this is caused by a known issue where Aeros is expecting track 1 to be used when saving.

We made a quick fix which is available on 4.2.4 which is available as a beta but will soon be on wifi.

Im that version, the Aeros will move the audio recorded on track 2 over to track 1 if it is saved and track 1 is still empty.

Thanks for reporting!

Ak Ok thanks. I’ll wait for the wifi version. Not one of the beta trail blazers :grinning:


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4.2.4 is out on WIFI!

This should be fixed in 4.2.4!