Aeros audio pop sound issue (makes it unusable for ambient music)

hey tried this but no luck!

I also have that issue :frowning: My Aeros Loop Station is first in my chain, so it is not related to pedals that go before it. I also have MIDI in connected to tempo sync. @BrennanSingularSound Any updates on this topic? Do you need any type of testing on our side?


+1… It s very important to fix this issue. It is not an little issue for a Looper… It s a BIG ISSUE.


+1, any updates on this would be massively appreciated


I have the same issue, in ROP mode I get a “pop” at the beginnig of the loop.
This makes ROP mode useless for soundscape players, the pop is really annoying.

I made a video with this issue:

The issue looks the same in quantized mode.

Is there any chance to fix it?


Been lurking in this thread for a while hoping for a fix. I’ve got exactly the same problem, have the Aeros bypassed on my board gathering dust because of the pops. It’d be awesome if there was some official news on the issue.


I have had the same problem when updating to 5.1.x. Going back to the previous version 4.3.x solved the problem for me, but it is not ideal. I look forward to the team solving this problem. Some information on this would be nice, it is a pretty serious error.


Hey everybody,

First off thanks for all of the feedback and reports, they have been helpful in pinning down the problem

We do not have any news to report but we are actively looking into it and it is currently our top priority to fix this issue, we intend to have improvements for the next iteration of the firmware

Thank you for your patience!


Hello all,

I am happy to inform you that it appears we have solved the major issues causing a majority of the pops and may have fixed the issue entirely

The new fixes will be part of the new 5.2.x firmware which we will be showing a sneak preview of at NAMM this week! Meaning the beta is not long away, just the new features still need tweaking and some known bugs are present.

We have made amazing strides in this new version and we are incredibly excited to have you see it!

We appreciate all of the feedback you gave us and we hope to hear that all the reported issues here were dealt with, we are optimistic most have been!

Check out this unfinished changelog for an idea! If you’ll be at NAMM this year come try it yourself, we will be at the Delicious Audio booth hosting two full set ups :slight_smile:

5.2.0 Changelog (In Progress)

  • Added new option to show midi song select to stopped screen
  • Song settings redesign
  • Added setting for notification system
  • Added option to slideout for Device settings menu
  • Allows setting the start up page after boot up
  • New mixer 2 page with independent input controls, output meters, and a click level
  • Implemented reverse from stopped slideout
  • One shot parts
  • Loop decay redesign
  • Implemented specific Stop, Change Part commands into playing HF slideout menu
  • Custom click track
  • Brighter highlight and green text
  • Added new playback level setting, default is 80 for a perfect reproduction of the monitored input signal level to the playback output level
  • Advanced EXP control; choose between Volume, track volume, input volume, and click level; set EXP function linear/exponential/logarithmic

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix active logger toggling visually on cancel
  • Disable song select when copying song
  • Always highlight last loaded song when sorted custom
  • Enhancement/font size redesign
  • Update settings text with correct defaults
  • Fixed mute state being deactivated when clearing all tracks
  • Fix cancel not applying for sliders on system settings
  • Change ‘Edit’ button to ‘Create’ for a new song
  • Improve graphical performance of mixer when using MIDI to control it
  • Optimizations to mute behavior, cleaner fidelity when muting and improvements to mute pause behavior
  • Allow editing song parameters after importing backing tracks
  • Ignore screen change midi commands if popup is open
  • A few fixes to changelog text
  • Fix Aeros locking up when leaving mixer using MIDI
  • Move clear song confirmation to system settings
  • Fix edge case with midi CC38 71-76 and 81-86 following global settings when fading
  • Fix output level resetting
  • Resolve issue with backing track songs failing to move when loaded
  • Fix CC45 0 and 1 not working as intended
  • Fix song select error popping up when it shouldn’t
  • Fix issue with successive commands
  • Fix some edge cases with locked tracks
  • Re-enable crossfade fade when done stopping
  • Stop the fade setting from creating a pop
  • Limit MIDI fader commands processed at once

Amazing !

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yes! Totally.

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Hi Brennan, does “Loop decay redesign” means continuous decay across seams in a loop a.k.a. Frippertronics? Thanks.

Correct! We are testing a version that has the ability to constantly decay without having to press any buttons


Thanks. Is it possible to join the beta?

Not at this time, but very soon

Thank you all for your patience


any news about 5.2.0??

It is currently in closed testing and we hope to have it ready as a beta for open testing soon, thanks for the question and your patience


I have to say that you guys at Singular sound could have stopped development by now and still have an amazing product…THANK YOU so much for continuing to make Aeros even better. Ive turned on so many of my looper friends to Aeros mostly because of the awesome support and effort you guys are putting in to this magical little box.


We fixed it :slight_smile: :tada:


It’s fixed! Amazing, thank you so much! And the other updates are awesome too. This looper is probably the best one out there now!

Edit: It now pops on the loop seams when fading to a stop, but that’s a much more chill bug to have in the short term.