Aeros audio pop sound issue (makes it unusable for ambient music)

Hi Antoine

At this moment it seems to be a lot better for me.
I will ask you to try this:
Create a new song with “Templates” Off
Go to settings>Fades>set all the fades Off mute/unmute aswell Off
Go to settings>diagnostic> Set “Active logger” Off
Reboot the looper and check if this is done (Take care if you saved a song with the templates ON)
If all is done
Go to Settings>system>set the Output level to “0”
Try if this resolve your problem
Take care ,every time you reboot the looper the Output Level is back to “1”

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I’m having this issue also, I never noticed it in quantized mode when using the aeros as slave, but I’ve been using freeform today and i am consistently getting pops around every loop on the line, on both tracks. Sometimes they aren’t too loud and I can get away with leaving them in, but sometimes they’re really loud. I perform live full-time so I just don’t think I can bring it out to gigs. Might have to return it and go back to my boss rc 500 for now, which sucks because that doesn’t come without its own issues lol.

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maybe you could download the firmware to 4xxx to avoid the pops. until singular sound gives us a solution.

I am also having this issue. Always at the loop seam. I’m eager for a fix as this issue makes the device completely unreliable for me.

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I am one of Antoine’s students and I am having the exact same issue. I did a lot of testing this morning and found the issues happens in freeform and quantized modes as well as when looped to track length or measure. It is perhaps a little less noticeable in quantized but still definitely there.

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Using: OS 5.0.3 and SW 5.0.3-1-g89a3a1d

Everything works fine. I did see the option to update to 5.1.1 but might wait.

Hi SS. any news regarding this problem and its solution


Hello everyone,

While checking if I had a pop in the loop too I actually noticed that sometimes in Autoquantize mode it appears. For me it has the same sound as the integrated metronome so maybe it’s just a software problem where the machine suddenly drops a metronome click in this mode ?

In the other freeform and quantize modes I have no pop/click. Even if I stop and restart the loop.

Thanks in advance to SingularSound for finding a solution quickly!



Has anyone tried NYHC’s suggestion? If starting the aeros with 0 output eliminates pops then the issue could be easily fixed in an update.

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i’m also waiting for an update… i am putting my aeros gold up for sale if not, even then i feel badly for the next person who will have the same issue :frowning:

i will try this even though it seems like a handful! kudos for you for attempting to resolve this with your own mite

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Let me know if this is better
I had at least one pop everyday, some more

Since I did this I have no pop anymore. But I don’t say that this resolve the problem for everyone

yep same for me here as well…Brennan if you somehow made a setting to manually adjust the crossfade from the beginning and ending of the loop. Then someone could adjust accordingly to the style of music being performed. This would solve %90 of the issue