Aeros & BB Control

I’m very new to the singular sound set up but i have everything… Aeros, Maestro, Beat Buddy, and foot switch (that allows for pausing or adding a crash cymbal)

What i haven’t figured out yet is how to get the Beat Buddy to pull up the correct drum pattern to my saved songs. I’ll try to clarify…
if i recorded a bass track to… let’s say At ADDICTED TO LOVE by Robert Palmer and i have the BB set to a standard rock beat, When i shut everything down and power it back up, i have to set the beat buddy again. Is there some programming of all these units so that the BB automatically pulls up the correct drum pattern at the tempo i selected?

Hey there, that’s odd, what firmware version is your BeatBuddy on? You can check this in the Main Menu (press both the Tempo and Drum Set encoders at the same time) and select About BeatBuddy.

I just tried on my BB and it opens up on the song that the BB was powered down on.

Let me know!

it does open up to the drum pattern i was using when i shut down… but, if i changed the tempo, i have to manual change the tempo back. If i change songs, it doesn’t change the drum pattern. i would think it would pull up the correct drum pattern that i used for each song. I have to think that there’s something i don’t have set up right.

This will be fixed in 4.1.x I believe, that will be out soon, thanks for the feedback!

Surely if you save your songs in BB Manager the chosen drum set should remain with the song? Or have I misunderstood your intentions?

I think he’s asking about something a lot of us have asked about before. If I create a song in the Aeros and the MIDI connected BB, and the BB is set to Rock Beat 4 at 130 bpm for that new Aeros song, every time I choose the play that song on the Aeros, the BB should automatically switch (without any manual changes) to Rock Beat 4 at 130 bpm. It’s the whole Song Select thing…at least that’s how I read his question.

Ah, okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

I always let my BB lead the Aeros.

Same, but AFAIK, there is still not a good and easy way for the Aeros to tell the BB which beat to switch to for a previously recorded Aeros loop.

All my BB songs have the same title as my Aeros loops, but I have to scroll both to match. (I just add a number in front on my Aeros so they’re in the same sequence as the set on my BB.)

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