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I just looked over the manual for the Aeros, and was hoping this would provide some details that would help me decide whether to order. It is actually the lack of details that gives me pause. This seems like a shirt manual, but specifically, there is no Midi implementation chart. Where is the list of CC commands? I run a Midi file in parallel with a click track which controls my looper and other pedals on my board, which allows me to just play with no timed pedal presses. Where is a list of CC messages for this looper? Need to look that over to understand how much control I will have. Are there individual CCs to record, play, erase or stop each loop separately? Could I trigger the click to start with a CC so the click lines up perfectly with my other commands?

Or are you only going to allow control of this pedal with the Maestro? That is a deal breaker for me.

I was lucky enough to get one in their first batch devices, and I asked their support about the MIDI support. They said they are still working on it and they plan on having multiple updates to get all of the possible functionality actually in there.

It does support MIDI in slave mode, meaning it responds to the MTC coming from the BeatBuddy or any drum machine that supports MTC (MIDI Time Clock). For some folks, that might be all the MIDI they need.

If you are a BB user, the level of MIDI control it has, is what I expect they will deliver for the Aeros. In my opinion, there are other features the Aeros needs even more at the moment. If I was you, I would keep an eye on it for a while longer and when you see the update that has the features you want, jump in then.

As for me, every time I turn it on, I see the potential, and I am having a lot of fun with it right now too.

Meh…I am frustrated beyond all get out with these products. Have a Pigtronix Infinity Looper that seems to still have issues despite that fact the developer seems done with updates.

I watched this thing with interest, but not having MIDI CC working makes me wonder if they are serious about ever doing it. If they don’t implement they can keep it tied to their companion products.

Just bought an iConnect4 and plan on using it with my iPad and Quantiloops for looping. I have read so many people who are happy with that, and seems Uber flexible. Already use the iPad to control my gear anyway, so will see how this works.

Of course we want to do MIDI commands right! We’re shipping a MIDI controller this month, so if we didn’t do MIDI commands right we’d be quite silly. :slight_smile:

I believe a MIDI implementation chart will be present in the next version of the manual, and we were just discussing some possible commands on Friday.

As willit float mentioned, there are some other tasks that are currently taking development priority, but we’ll be moving to MIDI commands soon!

I agree that would be silly, but honestly, if you are shipping a MIDI controller this month, that means you already have MIDI CC’s for at least the basic functions of the pedal. Publishing them would not seem to be a “development priority”, just a low priority, and as a potential customer I find that worrisome.

Maybe I will check back later on how people are liking the pedal, but I have been watching the Aeros with interest for weeks now…no question I would have bought one in an instant, and I have had to move on because the MIDI features that interested me are not available now.

Look forward to hearing more about midi. Given that the competing (for me) Boss RC-505 has much greater degree of manual (and midi) track control than the limited buttons on the Aeros, lack of Aeros midi info means no possibility to add buttons/foot-switches and, for me at least, a clear win for the 505.

I am starting to use Quantiloop. Can be an inexpensive solution, though I elected to go with the not so cheap RME Babyface as my audio interface. So far so good. Between the interface setup and the Quantiloop, takes some tweaking to get your ins and outs set up and setting levels, but I am operating it purely with MIDI commands, which are highly customizable. May eventually get a MIDI foot pedal to use as well with it, but my goal is to automate the process of loop creation…something I had been doing successfully with the Infinity Looper. Now I have an option with twice the tracks and much better control. Hoping it proves to be a stable solution. Will studio test it heavily before taking this setup to a gig.

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MIDI control is now available in the 3.1.3 beta on the forum, this will hopefully be going live on WiFi within a week.

The Aeros manual has been updated a good few times since this has been posted, the latest manual including all the MIDI implementation will be released with the version on WiFi and will be available on our website for download.

Also, the Aeros can be controlled by any MIDI master device that sends the correct CC messages.

Read the changelog here

and 3.0.0 is available on WiFi!