Aeros firmware 2.10.0

Aeros firmware 2.10.0 is now up on the server available for download via WIFI.

Here is a direct download link of the firmware file if you prefer to update without wifi through the SD card. To update through the SD card, rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-2.10.0.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

2.10.0 Changelog:

  • New Stopped screen: When the song is stopped, a new screen is displayed. This includes info about the song, the input signal meter (useful to test your instrument’s signal level before recording to avoid clipping), and buttons to edit the song, go to the home screen, start a new song, and save the current song.

  • Changed to Manual Save: Previous versions of the firmware saved the song automatically every time the song was stopped. This caused some delay as the song was being saved so the Aeros could not be started again immediately. With the new manual save system (you must press the save button on the stopped screen to save the song), you get to choose when the song is saved. Saving a song merges all overdubs with the base tracks, which frees up more memory for more recording in the song.

  • Added pop-up when attempting to exit Loop Studio screen without saving changes (changes are still present, but could be lost if another song is loaded or device shut down)

  • New track clock graphics: Undo overdub vs undo entire track. If only the overdub layer is undone, the track clock will have a small hole. If the entire track is undone, the track clock will have a large hole. You can undo and redo both layers by holding down the RPO (Record/Play/Overdub) button – first the overdub will undo (if it exists), then continue to hold to undo the base layer. Hold and continue to hold to redo.

  • Increased next track forgiveness to 1.5 seconds: If you tap the next track in 6x6 mode and accidentally start recording a new track, tapping it again within 1.5 seconds will delete the accidentally recorded track and move you to track 1.

  • Changed the active song part to have a blue square around it: Previously, the currently playing song part was missing a blue square while the non-playing song parts all had blue squares around them. This new design is easier to see.

  • Added 0.5 second forgiveness lag for End of Measure commands: Now if you miss the end of measure by 0.5 seconds or less when recording or changing song parts, Aeros will behave as if you triggered the command on the End of Measure that you missed. This allows you to trigger commands on the End of Measure line, without having to worry that you’ll miss it.

  • Fixed 6x6 cancel recording: When using a count-in to record in 6x6, the ‘Cancel Record’ command was not working. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed white lines location in mixer that show the neutral position of the volume sliders.

  • Temporarily removed the capability to edit the name of a song, since this was causing the audio files to be deleted. Song name edit capability will be enabled once this bug has been fixed.

  • Added saving of undo state: If you undo a track, it will remain undone, even if you save the song and load it again later. Undone overdub layers will be deleted.

  • Fixed bug: When stopping Aeros during recording (instead of pressing ‘Play’ to capture the loop), only
    the first measure was captured. Now the entire recording is captured.

  • Restored master volume to default neutral level after loading a new song. Previously master volume was at the level it was last set to.

  • Added Wifi Status on Home Page so you can quickly see if you’re connected to Wifi.

  • Added Unmute All button command when master volume is selected in mixer


Working great so far… I’ve been playing with it for 2 hours and haven’t ran into any major issues… The name thing isn’t too big of a deal since it will let you name it when you create it…

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Does this mean the sdcard is working for saving songs?

No. This means you can update the firmware through the SD card instead of downloading over wifi. You can also downgrade to previous firmware versions using this method.

Saving songs to the SD card is coming in the next few weeks.

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Any previous firmware versions available? I’m still stuck with the no save bug. Still stuck on song_8 no matter what i do through every possible way to create a new song.

If this is still happening with firmware 2.10.0 then we need to do a special procedure to reflash your unit’s PCB board. Please email Jay at and he’ll walk you through it.

Download on Aeros is really slow (Noticed this last time as well). The download from the link above was pretty fast. It’s only an 81 meg file and my wifi is good. As i watch the % download it stops and starts

It was stuck at 29.6%. I hit the back arrow and didn’t see anything happen. But went back later and it was back on the main update screen.

Starting update again… After about 20 minutes on second try it’s at 70%.

Not a huge deal, but…

The Aeros has a metal case which does give it a lower than usual range for wifi compared to a phone or laptop. If I’m near my wifi router (10 feet away) it takes 3 or 4 minutes to download the update. If you consistently have problems downloading when you’re next to your router, we may need to replace your unit.

Yes, its still happening so I just emailed him.

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Let me move it closer to the wifi and try a diagnostic download. I’ll also try turning off the other devices on the pedalboard some of which generate noise for sure.

Nope. It tries to ftp to a local ip and obviously fails. I’m hoping the Aeros does not use ftp outside of diagnostic mode.

FYI, when the update was happening, the download went pretty fast and then then slowed down.

The new stop screen is a great addition!

I confirm. It works great so far. Saving loops works like a charm.

What about the auto-rec when there’s a midi play message, is it possible to desarmed REC now to make only play when there’s a midi play message?

My wifi can never been seen by the Aeros. I’ve had dozens of devices connect to my wifi without issues. I reset the router too just to make sure. What can I do to get the Aeros to see my wifi so I can update the firmware?

Skip Wifi - use the SD card Firmware update procedure instead - see instructions at top of the page

Its my opinion using Wifi to apply new Firmware update function has flaws - For best results , download the firmware with your PC/Mac - then rename the bin file and copy to a SD card ( SD Card under 32GB formated FAT32 format)

DavidPackouz wrote>
"Here is a direct download link 3 of the firmware file if you prefer to update without wifi through the SD card. To update through the SD card, rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-2.10.0.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.!AloaYGf01ky-h6Q8CPFZREpbn6N1Sw?e=cHzHEL

I placed the Aeros within 8 feet (2.5 meters) of my WiFi hub. I removed my SD card from the unit. The download completed in less than 2 minutes. The installation process was done in less than 5 minutes. The WiFi update works fine when the signal is strong and the Aeros is placed close to the WiFi source.


Is there a way for me to force an update to test the wifi? the diagnostic page update no longer works (see prior comment).

I suspect it was interference from another device on the pedalboard.

put unit next to wifi server and it downloaded in minutes

David are you still planning to allow manual recording 1st track to start at beginning of measure as an option rather that instatneously, it woulkd be great to have this

@Gavin yes, we are currently working on this. I was hoping it would make it into this firmware update, but it looks like it will have to be in the next one.

New firmware was just released! Check it out: Aeros firmware 2.11.1