Aeros firmware 2.11.1

Aeros firmware 2.11.1 is now up on the server available for download via WIFI.

Here is a direct download link of the firmware file if you prefer to update without wifi through the SD card. To update through the SD card, rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-2.11.1.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

Firmware 2.11.1 Changelog:

  • Added undo/redo while the Aeros is stopped
  • Added scrolling through pages (such as song list) with Volume Wheel
  • Added button navigation for scrolling and selecting songs in song list
  • Added measure count number in track clock while recording a new track
  • Added setting to turn off click after first track has been recorded
  • Added automatic save of song parameters when creating/editing a song .New songs will automatically start with the last settings used
  • Extended master volume display time to 3 seconds after no movement of Volume Wheel
  • Added automatic save of song parameters when creating/editing a song. New songs will automatically start with the last settings used
  • Added image integrity verification during boot up to detect corrupted software. This should prevent the bug where 6x6 does not work and songs can’t be saved

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed when the 6th track is muted and song part change command unmutes it instead of changing song part
  • Undo is now recognized as a change and activates the save song button
  • Count-in now only active when recording the first track in an empty song part
  • Fixed song title, time signature and tempo not being updated to the Stopped screen

If you find a bug in the firmware, please report it to us by responding to this post or by emailing us at

If you would like to revert to an older firmware, just use the SD card firmware update method described above.

Older firmware versions:

Firmware 2.10.0


The update over WiFi does not work with this new firmware anymore. I was able to do 2 previous updates through WiFi before. Each time I do the download and the update starts, I get:
Error Code 0

  1. Please insert a valid update file etc…
  2. Unplug the aeros…
  3. Reconnect the Aeros…

Using an SD card works like a charm. Now on 2.11.1.

I got the exact same error. The update is bad.

Interesting. I just tried to replicate ablogic’s observations with the update from 2.9 and then again from 2.10 and my process went smoothly from start to finish resulting in 2.11.1

Not saying that your observations are wrong, just saying that the update process worked fine for me.

Also found that when the update throws an error, that powering the pedal down and then powering back up, that the update process would start over again and run until complete. I’m sitting 3’ from my router during the update process and even then, I sometimes see “Wi-Fi Not Connected” displayed.

I’m at 2.10.0 and it won’t update to 2.11.1

I just ran the update 3 more times. Then it worked. Something is a bit wonky…but I guess if it fails to install…keep trying.

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This seems to be a connection and server issue. We are adding more status states to the WiFi connection section so we can see what’s going on in future updates.

I’ve had no problem whatsoever updating via WiFi with my unit. It seems to be smooth for me!

I was just curious if free form mode was still on track to be released for the next update. Thanks for keeping us updated, David!

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Yes! We are currently testing freeform now!!


Cool. I can’t wait for freeform :slight_smile: Btw, update is great.

Looking forward to the freeform update.

Any idea on then the song length limit will be extended or removed?

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Not sure if you know this yet or not, but it seems you can only change the name of a file before you record anything… Once something is recorded, the option to edit the name is gone…

Firmware 2.11.1 is another step forward to unlocking this pedals full potential. Keep them coming. So far the only bug to show up for me is the song name edit function. It allows a change to the count in but not the name. The information box ( question mark) is also missing from the ‘name’ line of the edit screen.

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@Lance @ablogic when the update failed, did it fail during the download process or during the update process? We trying to confirm whether it was a server issue or a software code issue.

@booneroo loop length limit will be worked on within the next 1-2 months. We want to perfect freeform and the SD card storage features first.

@johngale77 @Scamper we removed the edit song name function in version 2.10 because it was causing a bug that would delete all the recordings (pretty bad!). We’ll add this feature back in when we fix this bug (should be done when we finish the SD card storage system, which we are currently working on).


The download completed. Then, the Aeros re-booted and began the update process. It immediately failed with the error. This leads me to believe that the problem is not the download but instead is the update.

@DavidPackouz It downloaded fine (and quickly as previous firmware, like less than 10s on my cable line). It failed after restrating during the update process.

I tried 5 times, and it failed 5 times at the beginning of the update process (I suppose the firmware validation check).

Went on the SD card update it updated successfully.

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Thanks for the improvements on scrolling and song selection by foot control. It really helps to be able to control the Aeros without touching the screen. Over time I’m hoping pretty much everything can be done via foot.

Can we get a foot driven way to to go back/cancel out of song selection?

Perhaps we repurpose one of the up/down buttons as a go back/cancel button. With the scroll wheel, I’m fine with no up/down (or just down, but that’s a bit weird)

@Quad our goal is to make as much of the Aeros functionality hands free. It’s always a debate about what is the best use of the button…

One way you can currently exit the song screen now is to select the currently selected song, that will bring you back to the loop studio.

@ablogic @Lance thank you for reporting this. We’re investigating what could be causing it. It’s odd because the vast majority of people have no problem with the wireless update, but a few do. Those are the hardest bugs to figure out. But we’re on it.

Glad to hear the freeform feature is still on the charts. Jay had indicated it would make it into the last update. Will it now just be a matter of days, or rather weeks?

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Just as a suggestion… what about having access to the song selection screen by holding up two switches (“play/stop all”+“select part”), then having the two other switches to enter the song and the other to exit the song selection screen (since the scrolling through song is assign to the wheel already)?

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