Aeros firmware 3.4.x

This is great news :metal:


“Expanded MIDI capabilities”

Hopefully this means we’ll get a “play” cc# and value command. However if I set cc# 41 and value 1 I can start recording and if I double tap footswitch it’ll begin playback but only for track 1. After that if I hit footswitch it moves to next part then hit switch next part etc… etc… (I’m using a roland fs-5u into my boss sy-1000) with commands sent from sy-1000 to aeros via midi. However I’d love some dedicated record / play / stop cc# stuff.

maybe a little bit of a tangent sorry for that but does the control pedal like fs7 boss switch do anything connected to aeros? like midi functions? but through the pedal?

Nah they’re not midi controllers by themselves, so won’t do anything on their own. Only reason my fs-5U is working is because I have it connected to my boss sy-1000 and inside the sy-1000 there’s this “matrix” type thing where you can set any footswitch connected too it to do anything and it has MIDI CC# as an option, so I run midi out on sy-1000 to midi in on aeros, and then put in the cc# and value for whatever footswitch (like a midi controller) and use it etc…

Is there a way to go from the Loop Studio (with a full song/loop) back to the Home screen hands-free or is that a separate MIDI command I’d have to program?

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This is needed for a MIDI self test, not used for anything else. Since it is part of the backdoor functionality and has no other use, we don’t include it in the documentation

We will likely build a MIDI go to home command to help with this, first we have to deal with that annoying extra save request, which I personally despise and will be glad to do away with it

We do intend on looking at stabdalong hands-free expansion for this too

This is the new norm, to make locking less annoying if you intend to start over many times. Feel free to suggest an alternative to this behavior!

We have some ideas for this, and as to the clutter, we are considering allowing deletion of empty songs when switching songs, possibly by having a pop saying something along the lines of: This song is empty, would you like to delete it?

Here is fine but if you want to track an issue you must post it as its own topic as outlined in the Bug Report doc. Make your post in the Aeros Bugs/Help section, thanks!

We are looking into this issue, thanks for reporting

Not directly unfortunately, the best option now is to save and go to the songs list or save and create a new blank song (using MIDI).

We have plans to expand hands-free capabilities standalone on the looper but Dev has told us this has implications that could take a while to implement and so we want to look at other pressing issues first, this is probably not long after MIDI expansion is done.


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The easy solution is to have a global setting: “Clear Preserves Lock Settings”.

This is not just empty songs. It is “scratch” songs which you never intended to save.

Adding an audio preview of a song in the song list and the ability to delete the current song (force me to choose another song to load if you must … but …) would also make cleaning up the song list easier.

Thank you! Update worked perfectly. Definitely looking forward to extended recording times for your next release. Have you decided on the new maximum length?

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The core issue is you have mixed up the notions of creating a song, adding it to the song list, editing the song settings, and saving the song.

Fix that and all these bandaid features become much less important

These are all things worth considering, thank you for your feedback!
I believe some of those have issues around on the forum, not 100% on that however may just be floating comments.

We do not have info to share on this topic but hopefully will soon, thanks

I just want to bring up a new beta with minor improvements will be out very soon, likely next week, developers are splitting work between this new approach to memory (following release) and these minor fixes (this release).

Thank you all for your feedback and patience!


Hoping MIDI expansion means PC command to select songs like the BeatBuddy. I would really like this feature so that I can integrate Aeros with BeatBuddy and OnSong.

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Well I hope a better MIDI expansion for song selection will come to both - BB and Aeros - in form of a an user assignable midi song number to each song. This is used by professionals.

At the moment users have to use a complicated set of midi commands / midi program change command to choose a song by number from a specific folder. Here the command points not to that specific song itself, but to the sequence number of the folder and sequence number of the song. The command is not connected directly to that specific song but only to the mere position. If anything changes the sequence of folders or the order inside a folder, the midi program change will trigger the wrong song. So there is no flexibility. You manually have to change the whole set of commands you already wrote to choose a song from the outside. This means as well a huge potential for errors for a live performance.
Midi song number is used by OnSong, SetListManager, BandHelper, NordPianos, Line6 devices as well as various synthesizers as a standard for song selection. This song selection command is preconfigured in countless devices and provides an easy way to choose the right song every time, regardless of a modified playlist, folder or song sequence in BBM and BB.

So my wish would not be the implementation of the screwed-up song selection how it is realized in BB, but a new a clean approach as a user assignable song number - which is the standard.


UPDATE: I have changed the download link in the original post to firmware 3.4.2 - this is a minor bugfix version. If no major bugs are discovered in it, it will go out over the wifi next week as an official version.

We have been making excellent progress on the recording time extension feature and hope to have that released soon as well.


Yay thanks… the “Volume wheel acceleration glitch” I reported is gone now it seems. I just tested on main volume wheel and inside the mixer and seems to be stable now! :slight_smile:


Just checked the “park” feature on both the home screen and the songs list screen and it works as it’s supposed to! Thanks @DavidPackouz


So cool !! :+1:


Having some strangeness in 3.42 that I just updated to. For some reason, loops are getting muted anywhere from 1 to 3 measures before the start point of the loop comes around. It doesn’t seem to happen on freeform loops. Everything in 6x6 mode. Anyone else get this weirdness?

Let me guess. You’re midi is connected and have changed the key signature or tempo since you recorded the loop?

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That will cause the problem