Aeros Firmware 4.2.x

Exactly! It will do this according to mute settings (End of Loop, End of Measure, Immediate/no fade)

Yep! Mute states are saved

This will be possible eventually, it is in our plans! We will have more MIDI expansions in the future, this behavior is expected to be done then likely

Thanks for the questions!


This is already officially requested, please forward any further thoughts or expectations here!

Would a 0-9s fade time work? Does it have to be split for in and out?

Yes, 0-9 fade time would work great but should also ideally be spilt so that in and out are independently adjustable. That would be amazing, and thanks for asking.




Please post in English so that all users can participate in the dialog. Google Translate is a good tool.

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Hello all,

can you tell us when the firmware 4.2.0 is officially available for download?

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Version 4.2.4 has been uploaded in the original post.


Thank you very much !


I can’t seem to find the original post. Could you please provide a link? Thanks

Scroll up this page at the begin

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Great!! I just tried it and I have stereo and fade. Thank you very much!!


Hey there, the original post is at the top of this thread!

The post was edited to house the new v4.2.4, v4.2.0 is no longer available on this thread




I play around 3 hours
No bugs
All works as expected
No cut/lags between the loops
Reverse work fine
Next track work fine , but not in 2X2 (could be fine to switch between the track and use the reverse)
Fade works good but to short (need time option like the Pigtronix 0 to 9 sec)
No crashes with the Maestro, all the commands works fine
French translation on the screen is pretty good
French translation of the manual is pretty good (I don’t read all )

We had to wait a long time, but the result is conclusive and that’s the main thing. I would say on the way for the following !

Good job guy’s ! :+1: :love_you_gesture:


Would it be possible to create a midi command to activate/de-activate the fade out feature? I love that it’s finally here but since some songs require a fade and others don’t, it is cumbersome in between songs to bend down, go to the home page, scroll down to that command and change the settings.

Because it is a global setting, rather than song specific I ask this question and make this request.



+1 on this!

Works good, so far. Nice job, folks.

Should allow for longer fade times, and having fades be a global instead of song-based is a bit of a pain in the ass, and requires a lot more menu diving. In the context of a live performance, that’s definitely not cool.

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The fade time depend what you decide
You can make it long or short or middle
The fade have the same length as your track
All your tracks are in 4 measures = the fade gonna take the the 4 measure to fade out if you press the stop just after the begin of your loop
Let we suppose that your loop take 8 seconds, if you trigger the stop just AFTER the begin of your loop
the fade gonna take 8 seconds (it’s a lot)
If you want it shorter than trigger the stop in the middle of your loop (Measure 2) the fade gonna take 4 seconds
Now the trick is that you have just ONE TRACK with 8 measures. In this case the fade out take the time of the longest loop that mean 16 seconds if you press after the begin of the loop with 8 measures (that’s long)
It’s just another way to work, just a little bit practice
Now it depend of the speed of your song too
But If you make just one track longer the fade out take this lenght to fade out

Now I understand that the global setting can be painful
It’s a bit of a management

But I know that Singular Sound do the best they can to satisfy the users

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That’s great if you have an 8 bar loop. To diminish monotony on the listeners part, I attempt to build my song as expeditiously as possible and many times where I want to end a song there is only a one or two bar loop which makes for a really fast fade.

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Sound like we need a setting that will make fade work across multiple full loops, because short loops are pretty important to live looping to create interest quickly and reduce repetition.

JusDandy knows what he’s talking about.

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