Aeros Firmware 4.2.x

Question, when the crashes happened were you using the Aeros in English?

Yes it was in english !
But I set it in french before, and switch back to english

Looks like I’m on 4.1.5 but my issue might have been that I had a 64 gig card inserted? It wasnt showing up regardless. I’ll keep an eye on it in the mean time. Hopefully it was just a weird fluke.

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Ok let us know!

Aeros can only support up to 32GB SD cards so that could very well be the case!

Thanks for reaching back

Sure. By “stop” I meant mute. Bad choice of words. Disregard.

By the 'fade in next track"…

I will note that I haven’t loaded this yet, because of the bugs being reported, so I may be premature in bringing this up… Or perhaps I didn’t pay attention enough…

Going back and looking at David’s description…
“Added settings for fade in/out on unmute/mute and start/stop”

Does this essentially mean that if I mute a track, it will fade, and if a track is muted when I start, and I unmute it, it will fade in instead of starting abruptly? If that’s the case, just forget about what I wrote, because that’s what I wanted. I think I just read it wrong, I apologize. Brain fart.

Also, only asking because I haven’t tried, but does the Aeros save a song with the muted states? If not, that would be something you’d want to make possible now that you have fades. If I have a song that has the tracks come in one-by-one, it’d be nice to save the song with the later tracks already muted so I don’t have to go and mute them before playing.

When you get this all fine-tuned and get into coming up with new midi commands, if what I described was right, I guess the one midi command that would be useful would be the ability to override the fade on the selected track. One might have one or two tracks that aren’t seamless and want them to come in right away.

Just to say thanks very much for this 4.2 Beta for playing with. I have and can see it has much to enjoy, mainly the fades in my case, something I enjoyed and used all the time on my RC - 500, though individual track fades on the Aeros takes it into a whole different league. Well done!

I have now re-installed 4.15 due to the stereo issue that you already know about. I simply need stereo. It’s essential to how I play and record. So, having tried, I’ll now happily wait for a fix, which I already know is on the way as I write. Happy days!

Other feedback is that I value being able to fade each track (6x) greatly, and can see how this will be made good use of in future compositions as a creative tool in its own right. Very excited about this.

Language options…this is a great addition for those who need it and I am sure is much appreciated. I am English so it makes no difference to me other than making me happy that you care about international users who do need support for their own language. You have my respect for that consideration. I will only add that the nice looking flag is actually quite redundant and pointless, serving no useful purpose whatsoever, as the language itself is the only indicator needed and self-evident independently, on its own, what the language actually is. “Oh look, his Aeros is in Japanese. It’s showing a flag…wowness!” just doesn’t arise. Sorry, just my eggs, that it is wasted space that could be used for other more important reasons, such as the kettle has just boiled, or incoming angry neighbour, etc. ha ha :slight_smile:

So much for my minor feedback. You guys are doing an awesome job and constantly validate my choice in purchasing your whole three device system. It’s everything I need.

Incidentally, digressing slightly, I just started using the Maestro’s Aeros Mode last night and couldn’t believe how brilliant it is. I’m astonished at how much easier it is to do what I want with complete control over every track and part as I play. Friggin awesome! I leapt out of bed this morning to pick up where I left off last night and it wasn’t a dream after all.

Thank you so much to all at Singular Sound. I’m in!

PS: I forgot to mention that the fade in seems much too slow, quite extended actually, though that duration is still useful sometimes, just not mostly for me. I like to use soft fade in a lot but mainly of fairly short duration. And, conversely, I found the fade out much too abrupt, the exact opposite of how I like to use it, fairly slow and gradual. If you added time selectors for either end, that would blow me away! Thanks in advance.

PPS: Also forgot to say that I love the fade animations! Very cool.


This, definitely!

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Exactly! It will do this according to mute settings (End of Loop, End of Measure, Immediate/no fade)

Yep! Mute states are saved

This will be possible eventually, it is in our plans! We will have more MIDI expansions in the future, this behavior is expected to be done then likely

Thanks for the questions!


This is already officially requested, please forward any further thoughts or expectations here!

Would a 0-9s fade time work? Does it have to be split for in and out?

Yes, 0-9 fade time would work great but should also ideally be spilt so that in and out are independently adjustable. That would be amazing, and thanks for asking.




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Hello all,

can you tell us when the firmware 4.2.0 is officially available for download?

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Version 4.2.4 has been uploaded in the original post.


Thank you very much !


I can’t seem to find the original post. Could you please provide a link? Thanks

Scroll up this page at the begin

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Great!! I just tried it and I have stereo and fade. Thank you very much!!


Hey there, the original post is at the top of this thread!

The post was edited to house the new v4.2.4, v4.2.0 is no longer available on this thread