Aeros Firmware 5.0.x

I fixed the issue by plugging in the power rather than starting with the power plugged in. It basically works every time now with the Zuma. I bring the OEM power just in case to gigs but haven’t needed it yet.

Your video was just what I needed to understand the steps to mate an Aeros song to a BeatBuddy song. But I have over 140 BB folders and the LSB (and PC) only can account for 128 different folders. How do you associate BB songs in folders above 128?

I don’t know…it wasn’t my video. Check with @NYHC …he might know (and it was his video :slight_smile: )

I apologize and realized, right after I responded to you, that you were just pointing me to someone elses explanation. After reading further through the manual, I realized that for any folder above 128 (which would be entered as “0” on the MSB & “127” on the LSB, you now start by entering a “1” on the MSB line. So folder 130 (entered as 129) would be MSB=1 and LSB=2. It works like a charm.

  1. It only does this likely because no song is open, so no album is open, if you open a song, and then hit this command (on the MIDI Maestro’s Aeros Default Mode) it will open the current songs list of that album, not making you constantly open folders, although this can all be done hands free.

Joe Vitale made an excellent video on 5.0.x and all it’s expansions!

2. Please report this to at your earliest convenience so we can investigate. Some important things to note to them are what you have connected to Aeros and possibly sending the song file to us and/or the log file created once turning on the Active logger and producing the bug.

Thank you for your questions and for reporting

Looking into this!

You can do this using the Hands Free slideout menu:
Press and hold the bottom left button to bring out the slideout menu in the Loop Studio screen. Using the wheel to scroll through the options, highlight the ‘Clear Song’ option and select it with the right Aeros button.

I would do this on the Aeros itself and use Multiselect to engage multiple songs in the songs list at once.

You can turn on multiselect by pressing and holding the right Aeros button while highlighting a song in the songs list (inside of an album), this will select the current song and allow selecting others. Then you can move, copy, or delete multiple songs that are selected at once.

Read more about these in the Aeros Manual

Excellent news!

Thanks for sharing this!

You must have the Sd card inserted before the Aeros is turned on

Thanks for all the feedback and questions all!


  1. Thanks Brennan, I stumbled onto that solution for songlist/select. :grinning:
  2. Other songs have been working so maybe the indicators are faulty – showing waveform where there is no audio. Will wait until I record some more before panicking.

Been busy lately - first had to fire the drummer who couldn’t keep a beat or play in the pocket which was the REASON I was playing around with Beat Buddy/Aeros again – and my Great Pro Drummer is back on the island to play with us - so it’s been a moot point.

PS: That Autoquantize looks pretty cool…gotta’ give it a try.

PPS: IS that an Orban/Parasound Parametric EQ in the rack behind Joe? Sure looks like it - I was the first full-time/management employee at Orban/Parasound back in '75.

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Hello I have a question about the ‘backing tracks’ feature on the version 5.0.3:
I recorded a few beats as 4 bar loops on MPC to use as the backing tracks (exported as .wav 41.1 24 bit) . I can easily load these as backing tracks but they seem to only loop 4 times (16 bars) and then play silence for another 16 bars before the loop start again. If I record a 8 bar loop it plays for 32 bars and then silence for 32 and so on.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to keep the 4 bars looping indefinitely? At the moment the only way I can get around this is by recording a full length file (e.g min 80 bars), but I’d rather keep them short - particularly if I’m going to have multiple files per song - and I don’t always know how long I want each song to last. Please advise.

Same. I took the day off, it’s my birthday, and I’ve wasted most of it rebooting this stupid pedal. Not happy.

This still does not work. it only shows the internal memory no matter how i do this.

Ok, please report anything you see wrong to, thanks!

From Joe

Please forward examples to us so we can load them ourselves and see what we find,

You can send these to, thanks!

Please reach out to with your issue so we can investigate it further, thanks!

I see that the firmware 5.0.3 is promoted (video) with the Gold Edition. Does it work with the classic version of this pedal? I got my a year ago from Thomann. I can’t find an answer to this obvious question. Thanks.

Yes. The same software works on both versions of the hardware (and the only difference between the two are the gold, quiet buttons).

I tried these settings on 6x6 but my BB only transitions from Part 1 to Part 2. When I go to Part 3 on Aeros, BB stays on Part 2 but I would like it to transition (back to Part 1 in the case of a 2-part song on BB). How can I do it? I don’t have MM.

Ok I know
This can not be done at this moment ( maybe someone have the trick)
If you have only 2 parts on BB and 3 on Aeros (as master)

You can copy/paste into BB manager the parts to have multiple parts on your song
Maybe this will be fixed with the next update

So manual page 108 and 113 the graphic appears to be a cut and paste. Still says BB is master on 113. Or is the function of midi inputs and outputs virtually altered?

Hey there, yes the Aeros cannot tell the BeatBuddy to switch to parts that do not exist since it will send specific part commands to the BB.

The easiest thing to do is to duplicate the 1st part and create a 3rd part that is identical to part 1 in the BeatBuddy Manager

This is not part of any upcoming update, it is part of how it is meant to work

Was probably by mistake! We will fix in the next iteration thanks for reporting

When Aeros is transmitter (master) you connect the MIDI out to the MIDI in port on the BB MIDI adapter

Thanks for the questions!

“invalid firmware, please try again”
I got Aeros one year ago and never used it. I now decided to give it a try. OS version is 4.0.0. I linked to Wifi and tried to uprdate to latest firmware, but keep getting prompt “invalid firmware, please try again”. I can’t just get pass this. Please help!

Have you tried the SD card method yet? If not, the instructions are in the first post of this thread.

If you’re still having problems, contact for help.

Hey there, please do as asked above by Persist, but if possible could you take an image of the invalid firmware message you are receiving?

If you can, please turn on the Active Logger in the diagnostics screen when you retry with wifi, this may help us understand why this is happening at all,

Let me know, thanks

I am getting an error when updating my Aeros Looper to 5.11 from 5.03 online after rebooting and it attempting to update. It shows “error code: 0.Please insert a valid update file using the SD card” etc.

So it says to upgrade using SD card, and I tried that with 5.03 version and that fails too with some decryption error.

Is 5.11 available anywhere online?
Also, why am I getting an error updating?

Please advise.


Here is log file error using SD update with 5.03 bin file (to 5.03 already installed). I don’t think it should error, so think there may be something wrong for any update perhaps :

Main: ******************************************************
Main: Date: 2019-11-04 15:21:51 -0500
Main: Version: BL-0.7.1
Main: ******************************************************
Updater: initialize Found “/media/sdcard/aeros.bin”
Updater: copyOsFromSd Copying os update files to internal memory
Unable to query physical screen size, defaulting to 100 dpi.
Main: main Application update detected
Updater: update Starting OS update
Decrypter: rcvProcessfinished Decryption complete with code: 2 QProcess::ExitStatus(NormalExit)
Updater: rcvDecryptComplete Decryption fail