Aeros Gold edition

Wow I just got the Aeros loopstudioa month ago I wish I could send it back to Sweetwater and get the Aeros Gold edition for$30 bucs more! I’m kinda bummed think it’s to late to send it back and it’s not in stock yet!?!!! Wish I knew this before.

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I just want to know if I can get like 15 of those new buttons, how much they cost, and how easy to replace on my Aeros, Midi Maestro, and 2 extension pedals.

I recently sent in my Aeros because the screen was failing but they had no actual screens to replace it and ended up sending me a whole new Aeros. Hope that’s not the case with these new buttons.

Could Singular Sound please weigh in on this?..


What the difference to the studio edition - just gold coloured switches??

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The new switches are silent. DO WANT!


I want silent switches too. But I need them for my Midi Maestro as well. Guess they are the same switches?

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how about a replacement part database/store?


One of the reasons I hate the BB external pedal is the noise of the switches. Being on stage and pressing it multiple times to choose a track is really f**ken noisy. I was really disappointed to see the Aeros used similar noisy buttons. Why on earth didn’t they release the original with quiet switches??

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I could not agree more. It’s definitely one of the worst aspects of these devices.

Still no word from Singular Sound on whether or not they will hook us up on some replacement switches. I need 13 of them. I might just give them a call today and see what the deal is here.

Replacement might be problematic, or worse. Probably void warranties and such. I do not care. I want those switches.

Hey all,

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but replacements are not an option but even if it was, it would not actually solve the problem fully

The change isn’t something that’s as simple as swapping the switches due to a redesigned PCB to accommodate a different electrical switch on the board as well as a difference in height of some components.

We realized when workshopping these buttons that a good part of the noise came from the click of the switch on the PCB itself.

In addition, I’ll say we generally don’t sell replacement parts due to the complexity of our PCBs and the skill required to desolder and resolder + our warranty will be voided by doing this.

Thank you for the questions and requests

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Ugh… Brennan you are making a grown man cry.

I definitely have the soldering skills. I have soldered literally thousands of parts. Not so much any more as I am no longer a technician, although I did have to solder 24 connections last week for 4 XLR cables.

And, my warranties are up anyways, so I don’t give 2 giggles about that either.

But, if the parts won’t fit… Cdev Cdev Vomit GIF - Cdev Cdev Vomit Vomit GIFs

Sorry I couldn’t come with better news!

Wouldn’t it be handy if there was a trade-in/up program…

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Message me I’d like to make a song the one and only magi

It’s not clear to me what the difference is between the first version of the Aeros comparted to the second gold edition. I know there is a color and noise difference with the switches, but internally is there a difference?
Is the second gold switched version more powerful than the first silver switched version?

I have the first version of Aeros, and I keep getting phone text promotions enticing me to buy the gold edition from Singular Sound but without indicating the reason to switch!
The color and clickiness switch just does not matter to me.


I don’t care about the silent switch buttons, but if one day you release an Aeros with the ON/OFF switch in the back just below the Power Supply Connector, i am interested, having the switch on the side makes very difficult to access when i organize my pedalboard is not possible to save space for extra cables o pedals, and so difficult to turn it on or off

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Does anyone know the answer to this?
CC @BrennanSingularSound

Why turn it off when it’s in a pedal board? Just keep it in the on position and power up your board. (That saves wear and tear on the switch also.)

The buttons are silent there is no other change

Thanks for the info!

A question about tracks (applies to both 2x2 and 6x6).

I was wondering if there was a way to delete a track on the current part during playback?
Or even after you saved the song at least, can you delete a track on a part (to remove an unwanted/unused track)?

I haven’t seen any mention of this capability documented anywhere.

Anyone know?