Aeros Loop stuck on boot, I think?

Just got this Aeros Looper today. I plugged it in. Connected to WiFi and clicked on updates. It scrolled through a “download” toast message, then went into boot screen. It’s been here for 10 minutes. I don’t know if I should wait, or if it’s stuck. I’m afraid of shutting down in the middle of update.
Edit: been about a half hour now. Could it still be updating in the background?

Sounds like something happened during either the download or the firmware install process.
You are going to have to use an SD card to complete the update.

  • Power the AEROS down.
  • Go to Aeros firmware 3.1.x
  • Scroll to the top of the page (press your keyboard home key)
  • Read the instructions and click on Download this file to download the latest version of the firmware
  • Follow the guidance for “If you have trouble downloading over WiFi…”
    Note: a new SD card is already properly formatted to MS-DOS (FAT32) so no need to format the card

If you still have problems, contact Support, via e-mail

I shut down, and retried and it worked. Maybe just a hiccup in WiFi. Thanks

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Glad to hear you’re good now, sorry to hear this happened, thank you for reporting. Question, did you happen to see what version you were on before update? 2.13.2 possibly? Thanks.

I was too excited to get started, and assumed it was definitely going to need updated regardless. I didn’t even look. Sorry

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It’s ok, we’ll keep our eyes out, thanks for reporting!