Aeros MIDI Commands

I just joined the forum to find this type of info, as I need to put a “Mute All” into my setup to prevent the loop from briefly playing while I erase the current loop before I can use the Aeros to replace the Boomerang III’s I’ve been using for years.

It will be very useful as well to have an up-to-date midi command catalogue either pinned to the top of this forum, or a PDF cheat sheet in the Downloads. While I’ll likely be adding the Midi Maestro soon, in the interim it will be nice to program a couple pads on my keyboard controller to “Mute All” and “Erase Current Loop” so I can quickly take care of “housekeeping” before moving onto the next song.

I already love the Color Display with the easy to see end of loop markers… even though I’m using the Aeros in Freeform time, I can see the length of my initial rhythm loop which makes it much easier to lay down loop 2 as a multiple. I also really dig being able to tap the “Next Part” and have it transition automatically at the end of the bar… giving me time to get ready to make the audio change on the Kemper right when it switches from verse to bridge or solo. :+1:

In case you are deleting all the tracks via holding the stop button, change it to “on release” in the global settings to get rid of that brief sound. Obvious huh.

Interesting. I will try that tonight and see if it affects anything else in the work flow… as I often stop and restart the entire loop during the performance. It’s just when I stop the entire performance at the end of the song, then hold the stop down to erase, it plays a few notes as I go over to confirm the delete.

Yup, changing the play/stop button to “on release” will fix the annoying sound played when erasing.

Only downside is a very slight difference in the timing of the Play button (from press to the release). IMHO the annoying sound is the wrong default setting. It affects so many people (like you) who just accept it and will never realize the the button setting will fix the errant sound and have no goodway to adapt to it (The reverse is not true. Most people who can’t adjust to the on-release timing will likely realize the global setting will fix it for them).

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@Quad well, that worked, and since it only seems to affect the stop command, not the loop punch ins, then it doesn’t really affect my loop process that much. I can still tap it once to stop at the end of the measure, or double tap to stop immediately… but when I hold down the button to Erase, I don’'t hear the loop start up for a moment anymore, and can then choose the erase button. :love_you_gesture:

It’s also nice that they allow when you are recording the first loop, if you make a mistake (like a hiccup when closing the first loop) you can immediately hold the button down for Undo, and re-record the first loop without penalizing the start/stop/length of that first loop.

I also tested the double taps on the other buttons and was happy to see a default setting of mute loop one or mute loop two with a double tap. That immediately makes the 4 button layout more useful in a live setting. I still requires looking down to ensure the loop muted properly, but having the option of either undoing-redoing a loop or muting it entirely (in cases of it being built from multiple overdubs) is pretty cool.

Again the visual representation of the loop is quite the game changer for me when I was used to only seeing when the loop was back around again with a quick blip of the LED on that channel.

Have you seen our official commands Google sheet?

Hey all, a new post relevant to MIDI is up!

Looks like we cannot comment on that post, so posting here.

Will there be variants of these commands than override the device settings? Sometimes I want to mute and end of the loop … other times it’s immediate.

Will these overrides abe available for other types of queueable commands?

Yep that is planned!

Not currently, with the exception of a command that can commit a recording without meeting sync rules/quantization and insert silence to avoid breaking sync.

There are not many other pre-settable commands other than stop, was there another set of commands you had in mind?

Let me know, thanks!

I need to use the MM to mimic the 3 buttons on the Aeros as I have it mounted up high so I can control it with my hand.
I can program the MM to do these commands, right?
I need the MM to control Play, Record, Overdub, Next part etc.
All of the buttons you would need to be hands free while playing guitar.

If I am not playing I can control all of the other things directly on the Aeros.

I was never a fan of having a touch screen on the floor. Maybe companies could consider having their screens removable to be mounted at hand/eye level if not implementing tablet control.

Hey there,

This will be available in 4.1.x

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Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I have been driving myself nuts trying to get it to do what I want.
I assumed it would already be capable of doing this in the app. Bit of a bummer for now.

Either way it is great knowing it will be coming. Hopefully very soon.
As it is now I cant do much with it until this is possible.

Will it be a preprogrammed option or will we have to do a custom?
It could have hand or foot mode options if it is preprogrammed.
I would guess many out there would like to use it this way.

You know my next question is when. :slight_smile:

+1 on when? I actually got the boxes out to try and sell both the Aeros and Midi Maestro. If this comes out within the month I’ll consider holding off on the sale. I still own two other competitor loopers, but would prefer the Aeros if it worked as originally promised almost a year ago!

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+2 I have been one of the worst critics on here, but I really do want the Aeros to succeed. Keep pushing the updates SS! (Im more of a jazz blues guy, but Brennan’s music on his facebook page is really impressive for that genre of music… nice buddy! I would tip that guy 20 bones if I saw him at a bar)

Sysex Real Time Start works as a play command. It may not be ideal for everyone though.

I don’t really believe I understand what you mean by “pre-programmed” but believe this may mean to the MM. Likely we will not make any changes to the Default Modes for the time being, no. You will have to use the App to make a new custom mode or make a new custom mode based on the Default Mode templates.

Let me know if I misunderstood!

The release is already in testing with almost all proposed commands working at 100%, we are currently working out some kinks in 4.0.0 and will have a hot-fix release soon that should smooth out issues users have and may experience(d).

This is not as long time away, you may regret a sale right now! Only forward from here :slight_smile:

We always appreciate constructive input and thank you for all the feedback!

Aeros is well on the way!

*removes Singular sound cape and mask
You are too kind! Thank you :slight_smile: We are company made up of musicians, supported by musicians, and all for musicians.

No need for a workaround soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

You got it right Brennan.
Like the existing Aeros mode and the BB mode presets.
Yeah I was asking pretty much if it would be another preset mode on the MM moving the main buttons from the Aeros to the MM.

As I mentioned before two Aeros modes would be cool on the MM.
One being the existing (as I would call it) “Floor” mode and a new “Hand” mode preset for us that want the Aeros up high at our hands and eyes.

Of course if it is faster to release the midi update where we set the buttons up on the MM ourselves, that is fine.
Maybe down the road a bit consider making the “hand” mode once the more important stuff is finished.
Can we share custom modes we create ?

Just a thought.

Hey again,

I think you may be confused about how the units work:

The MIDI Maestro can already hold any MIDI command that is a CC, PC, PB, Note On/Off command and you could already set all the commands we are planning for the Aeros today, but the Aeros would not respond because it is not coded to handle the commands yet.

There is no “floor” vs “hand” mode, there are only 3 possible modes: The two default modes for the Aeros and BeatBuddy and the custom mode.

The custom mode is a mode that you map yourself on your iOS or android device by using the MIDI Maestro App. The App is a vehicle for setting up what types of commands are being sent and where they are being sent. This gives you access to all 10 possible pages with 6 customizable buttons on each page.

You can use any mode on the floor or on a desk, there is no limitation there versus any physical limitations to your setup and playing style. The comfort+ buttons are very soft on bare hands.

If you would like to make a custom mode that is based on the default modes, you can create a mode from template and edit it as you wish.

Read more about the MM and the smartphone app in our manual!

I understand completely.
I know there is no “Hand” or “Floor” mode.
As I wrote, that was just a suggestion that I made.

I understand that custom mode will allow me to set it up how I like.

I just want the full emulation of RECORD PLAY OVERDUB on the MM.

V4.1.x will have a simple emulation of the RPO buttons without any of the hold or double tap capabilities. We will eventually add a full button emulation of each button too!

Stay tuned!