Aeros midi control of traks mixer

Hi Aeros Team,

The loop station is a great box, I’m using it for about 2 years now .
I am currently designing a software custom midi contoller based on linux+python program .
Many midi commands already exist but it would be great if the internal mixer could be controlled through midi commands.
Apart from my own use, the midi control of mixer could give the sound control to an sound engineer in live situation.
Hope you could add this in further release.
Thank you


This is intended to eventually be possible though it is not our current priority

Thanks for the request!

went poking around in the docs looking for this just now. Dang. This would be really cool and could also allow you to operate more than one fader at once and with more precision

I actually thought it was possible and was about to buy a NanoKontrol2 to do so. I’d say it’s an essential feature for the future :slight_smile:

Almost there :slight_smile:

updated tag to #in-progress

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I noticed that track level controls are addressable using CCs 21-26 in the [Aeros Firmware 5.1.x].

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Correct this feature is now in #beta !!

Awesome Fader level is now MIDI control with an expression pedal. How about control via button with an increment/decrement capability like tempo has… someday maybe?