Aeros midi sync

BB,Aeros and MM are connected as in this clip.

Aeros does not show me that midi sync is on or off.

You can see my settings on these two videos.

I see you set the Aeros as reciever in the midi out
What do you want ?
Aeros Master or Aeros Slave?
In the midi out settings of Aeros set to “Transmitter” for Aeros as Slave
If you want BB as master you need to go in Midi In onn Aeros and not the Midi out

This is all new to me.
I want my BB tempo sync with Aeros.
I use MM in BB mode.
I use aeros for small phrases at the beginning of songs and that’s all.For that, the 4 switches I have on Aeros are enough for me.
I’m not sure if that requires the Aeros to be connected as a slave or master.
Transmitter or reciever?
Please help and I apologize for my bad English.

I have now connected BB out to midi in on the Aeros and to the midi out settings set transmitter,now the tempo is not the same on the BB and the Aeros.
Not good.
Aeros loop 5.0.3
Midi Maestro 1.1.9
Beat Buddy 4.1.3

For Aeros as transmitter (Master)
MM Out to Aeros IN
Aeros OUT to BB IN
BB set to merge
Aeros Midi Out set to transmitter
Aeros set to “Midi Out”
If you tap tempo on Aeros this is changing on the BB
You can not change on BB to change tempo on Aeros (you need to tap tempo on Aeros)
If you tap tempo on Aeros and see that is for ex 120 on Aeros and 120 on BB you are sync

I use the OnSong app to list songs and set tempo and rhythm for BB.
I don’t like the idea of ​​setting the tempo for each song on the Aeros.
If I understood you correctly, that is what you are suggesting.

As I wrote in the first post about those settings, when I select a song on OnSong, the tempo is set to BB and the same tempo was on Aeros, only sometimes it went up and down by one or two, it was not fixed.

You could give Aeros Firmware 5.1.x a try.

I would suggest reaching out to so they can assist you here