Aeros MIDI Volume Control: How would you utilize it?

Hey guys,

We are getting close to a lot more MIDI capability in the Aeros very soon! We wanted to ask you about a specific subject: Volume control.

We’d love to hear some feedback from you guys on:

  • What type of equipment you’d use to control the volume on the Aeros
  • Any expectations you’d have as far as how Aeros should respond to MIDI volume commands
  • Benefits of a CC based system vs an MSB+LSB(+PC) system

While we’re at it, let’s talk panning too!

Any feedback you all have is valuable here, thank you!

Keep Rockin’ :sunglasses:

I would expect any expression pedal to control volume via expression jack. I would love the option to select either just loop volume control or both input and loop volume control. Alternatively, achieving the same results via midi foot controller would be acceptable. I still wish loop fade feature were available.

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Equipment: Expression Pedal into a midi controller (Morningstar MC6) on floor. Also via encoders from desktop midi controller.

Usage: What @JusDandy said plus let me control remotely any of the volumes which affect the individual track, part, and overall mix levels.

My guess is a CC for volume with a 0-127 value is going to be the most commonly compatible. MSB+LSB seems like a pitchbend midi command for a keyboard? Is the resolution needed?

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@Quad what you said is fine but I only asked for volume control over master out of loops or master out of loops plus input (to work like a master fader on a mixing desk thus achieving " board fade)

I’d like to be able to control volume and pan from pots on an akai APC.

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Using cc but with the option of linear or exponential. Using a boss ev30 into MM or HX Effects.

Thanks all, keep the responses coming! Very useful!

Could you expand on this? What is linear vs exponential control?


Hi, what I meant is the same effect as audio taper. I suppose I should have use logarithmic as opposed to exponential.
So even though the midi commands are received in a linear fashion from a non audio taper pot footpedal, Aeros would have the option to interpret as logarithmic values.

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It may actually already be possible?, but it would be very nice to have a “mute all except for”, function, whereby you could mute several tracks with one press, while leaving 1 track playing. In addition to this, a volume function that decreased volume on all tracks (or some predefined tracks) except for one would also be very helpful, for accentuating a lead.

Aka “solo”?

Is there a command for that already, Quad?

Loop Fade pushes the Aeros beyond any other looper for live song creation and post rock ambient work. Kind of a volume centric feature. Excited also that auto quantize is being discussed.

Hi Brennan,

I am glad we are close to the long waited second upgrade of the MIDI implementation.

  • I will use the volume cc during recording to balance the mix by using controller knobs om my sequencers. In a ready mix it will be part of the initialisation (first step of my sequence). The standard cc resolution is not great (127) but the remote ability will be great. I use Digitakt and Squarp Pyramid sequencers.
  • MSB+LSB+PC is a standard functionality on many excisting hardware like synths, sequencers and AEROS should comply to that.

I have a brand new volume/ expressions pedal I wanted to use it to fade songs out at the end of the song rather than use the wheel. I have the beatbuddy and the midi Maestro to so there are questions I wanted to ask in the near future concerning midi control.

It would be great if track volume and panning could be controllable via Kieth McMillan instruments soft step or QuNeo… which just sends midi cc messages to control parameters.

I have build a custom control unit using an Arduino and would appreciate to see volume control via midi :slight_smile:

  1. Fade out option per track on pause / stop
  2. Fade out option for stop all.
  3. Fade should send a signal to also fade the beat buddy.
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Interesting ideas. I suspect this warrants its own thread/feature request and spans midid and non-midi.

Fades on stop all is the main one for me.

If you add that fade per track, some might also want fade control per part. Fades per part/track raises questions on how/when you would configure this.

For BB fades, it might be better to first think about this as a BB triggered fadeout that controls the Aeros (just like stop); that’s the recommended direction of midi flow between the devices. Or you could just route the Aeros audio through the BB and let the BB manage the fade without the Aeros knowing about it (but that would also affect your live, non-loop signal which …)

While I’d love nothing more than full BB/Aeros bidirectional integration, I think that’s a bigger effort with some interesting challenges (especially if you add a Midi Maestro which would likely require some special Midi Thru handling and/or more ports).

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I did put it in as a feature request but I felt like maybe it fits here also? I’m not sure exactly how it would work but the way it works on other loopers is you can have the track instead of mute instantly it just fades out to the next measure and remains in mute until either it is unmuted and returns to full volume at the next measure or instantly depending on a setting, the fade all tracks I think would be unique but I never really tried so hard to find out, I kind of liked the control of fading them out staggered depending on the song, the real bonus would be getting beat buddy to also have a fade out, maybe that could be done via the extra pedal don’t think an extra symbol crash would be missed in exchange for a fade out feature, with other loopers I had been looping the beat also so I could fade it, not an elegant solution, when I discovered singular I was really excited but just took for granted it would fave fade built it, everything else has been amazing and simple really impressed.

I guess part of doing it within the settings is that I send stereo out of both the Aeros and the beat buddy to separate speakers so adding more pedals like faders would just be to much foot work, I just want to play music not put on a boy band routine :wink:

External track mixing would be amazing! Also mirroring the basic functions in order to keep it hands free, but closer to my eyes (on a desk, using the MC6 on the ground).