Aeros mixer

How can I save my individual mixer settings on each new and saved songs?
I’ll get my song to a perfect mix on my Aeros then ill select edit then save after this when I move to a new son it asks if I’d like to save changes on this song I select yes.
Move to the next song come back to the song I’ve set the mix and saved and its right back to where I started?
Master level all the way up.

Am I stuck with having to re set the mix every time?

I see, the master volume is not being saved, It’s not typical to move it, maybe that’s why we/other users haven’t noticed it. I will ask about this and see if there is a reason for this behavior.

It’s pretty reasonable to expect the individual mix levels per each part to save with the song. If that’s not happening, it should be fixed. Might be useful for some people to have a way to reset levels back to the default across the board for any song or part.

Master level is tricky as there’s a need for setting it both globally and per song. Not sure if @Scott_Kehn is asking for this of not.

  • I like the master mixer level as a global value I’m usually adjusting the overall level of Aeros to other sources in the mix or the venue that tend to not vary song by song. Saving this global master is a nice to have…

  • I can also see the value of each song having its own “song master” (in addition to a global master). Some songs need to be boosted/cut relative to other songs (due to variations in recoding levels or how I use the looper in that song).

I’m just trying to have my mix levels be it the individual tracks or the master level to be saved so I don’t have to re set levels each time I go to a song that has hot levels or lower levels

To be clear, your issue is only the Master volume not being saved, correct?
You aren’t deleting(clearing) the song after recording are you?

No not clearing songs.

I’m not able to save master.

I’m not able to save individual.

After saving any mix after power down power up goes right back to original setting.

You’re on version 3.1.10, correct?

Just downloaded it when it was released couple days ago

Are you saving the song to internal or to external SD memory?


Out of curiosity, have you been able to get it to do the same thing on the Aeros itself, or is your issue only on SD? Also, is the audio is being saved, or is the whole song empty when you turn back on?

Thank you, sorry for all the questions, want to pinpoint this!

What I’m doing is bass and rythym guitar tracks.
Combined with my BB I have a back up band.
I play guitar and vocals with a harmony pedal sounds awesome.
Love this setup.
I’m limited to the 2x2 because 6x6 adds to many extra steps when moving parts for me.
Its a hard rock style.
When you get the 6x6 to move parts with BB ill be very satisfied to say the least.
Some of my material has multiple parts that I’m not doing with this setup because of 6x6 limitations.
But to answer your question im not or have not experimented with the internal storage.
All my audio is saved sounds great nice and clean.
2 firmwares ago it would just loose my tracks sometimes.
That was on internal storage.
I use external SD now and have not lost any audio.
I’ve got a lot of songs stored in this now.
I love this thing
This whole setup
I’m using
There needs to be detailed video of MM programing for us non computer savvy people.
I’m a guitar player singer songwriter
56 years old


Hey there, that’s great, but you’re telling me everything is being saved on SD except the volume levels? even the individual tracks? If you wait about 3 seconds to turn off after saving, does it save correctly? Does it always lose the levels or only when you turn it off right after?


Also we are working on our documentation for the MM and the app now, soon we’ll have videos explaining how it works!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll set my optimum mix save it play the song complete.
Move to the next song some sessions last couple hours.
Next day or session fire it up first song on my list set back to hot.
I’ll reset mix and move on it’s a ground hog day circle.
Now I just pull the main volume down before starting.
I’ve tried both individual mix save as well as main volume.
95% of my material is right on.

To be 100% clear, individual track settings are being saved? yes or no? Sorry I’m getting a little confused on your issue.

No Individual tracks are not being saved

But the audio is fine otherwise? Just the volume is reset?


Do something for me, when you go to the main menu and hit updates, what version does the screen read?