Aeros scroll wheel on song selection screen not working

I am running firmware version 3.1.3 and just noticed that when on the song selection screen the only way to scroll through the list of songs is using the touch screen. I expected that I should be able to scroll through the songs using the the scroll wheel like I do on the other screens to scroll through a longer page of content.

Are others seeing this behaviour? Is this a bug that the scroll wheel doesn’t work on the the song selection screen? Any way to resolve it or do I need to wait or a firmware fix?

Hey there, that is a beta version of the firmware, this bug was reported and fixed in the current live version, please update to the latest version 3.1.10 using an SD by downloading here. Please use an SD as other users on the beta 3.1.3 have reported issues when using WiFi, this is only an issue for users on 3.1.3 it seems.

Thanks. Will 3.1.10 be available over WiFi in the near future?

It’s available now over WiFi as long as you did not previously install the beta version 3.1.3. As Brennan states above, you’ll have to use the SD method to update to 3.1.10 if you have 3.1.3 installed on your AEROS.

I tested updating to 3.1.10 via WiFi by reverting to an older version. After installing the older version, the AEROS detected and identified an update which I successfully installed via WiFi. There was no problem with an SD card present in the AEROS’ slot reader.

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