Aeros Song Library Organization

I have a lot of Songs on my Areos.
I like to run through my set in a list.
My BB has its library in a list they stay in that list.
When I scroll through the Areos my list seems to always be scrambled.
How can I make my list stay in order?
What id really like would be how my BB works.
As I use a song the next song pops to the top of the list.
Or is there say folders I could keep like blocks of 10 songs or so in?
Accessible by foot or MM?

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We know this is something that can be improved on, we’ve started talking about nested folders like the BB, no promises just yet, as this is complicated by having SD and internal versus just SD like BB.

I will tag this as #under-consideration for this reason, thanks!

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You could make the folder on Aeros the first folder (MSB 0, LSB 0) and start the card folders at 1 (MSB 0, LSB 1).
I too, would really like this feature combined with MIDI PC commands for song selection. The tricky part for your developers is song sorting. Especially without a separate program like the BeatBuddy Manager. But for a live performance situation and integration with BeatBuddy I think this is essential.