Aeros : Stereo in. Mono out mix

It would be great if the Aeros could have a feature that mixes the stereo input (two different instruments plugged into the L & R inputs ) to a single mono output (L) to amp.


Are you saying it doesn’t do this when you’ve tried it? The outputs are labeled L(Mono) and R, so it would be assumed that stereo in should sum to mono out the L(Mono) with two different instruments input on L(Mono) and R.
I hope SS didn’t carry over this similar issue that the BB has which is a major flaw.

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Yes, this is my setup:
Acoustic Guitar to L input
Electric Guitar to R input

Main input Routing : Set both Main Out and Aux Out
Get no sum output signal from L(mono) output or Aux out.
Only can hear L input sound.

Aero’s firmware 2.13.2

Is there a setting in the Aeros for assigning how inputs/outputs are routed?

+1 to this! @DavidPackouz told me that something like this is coming for next updates, at least the for the inputs (two mono inputs that record mono tracks), so, this was you can have two instruments recording without having one on the left and one on the right

In Home screen–>SETTINGS

Currently all input and output is in stereo. We will be implementing a setting to record and output in mono soon.


Is this fixable in the BeatBuddy? Left and right in a stereo WAV file do not sum properly to the L(Mono) output jack nor if a stereo signal is input to the L(Mono) and R inputs.

@MarkF48 yes, we plan to fix this in the next BeatBuddy firmware update.

Hey there, this is available in the 3.0.0 update available on WiFi. Thank you for your feedback!