Alphabetical list of the 5,258 songs in the Song Forum and Song Matcher as of March, 2024

Great update! I just imported around 2000 songs from the previous list as a “first try” for my python scripts that download every offered file from the page. Considering I’ve built a search engine to push songs to the BB, this is a great asset to pull from to push my development along too.

Right now, my workflow:

  1. scripted download (crawl) of the alphabetical list page.
  2. scripted unzip all the archives and sort the files by file type
  3. scripted unzip of any zips that popped out from step 2
  4. scripted sort of the sng files into folders of no more than 99 songs per folder
  5. manual import folders into BB Manager
  6. sync with the SD

Thanks! Incredibly useful! And… what else do you do in your spare time? :man_facepalming:t3::joy:

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Thank you!

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Let me add an additional “Thank You” for the list!

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Great!! Thanks!!

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This is a really great project. Thank you for putting it together and explaining how you did it. I always find that part interesting.

Is there a way to do this for drum sets too? I’ve noticed there are lots of questions about drum kits and this could be a good resource for people.

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Drumsets would tie this all together… that would be AMAZING!

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@Bootsy, are the drum sets all listed in one place? I am unsure how I’d find them. For the songs, I basically create a new webpage that has the titles of all of the posts in this Song Files forum and, similarly, get the names of all of the songs on the Song Matcher page. I am not aware of similar lists for drum sets that I could “mine.”

Most of the drum kits are listed here:

Personally, I have what I need. I just think it would be a good resource for those who don’t use the search box and for some of the odd kits that are harder to find.


@Bootsy ah, didn’t know about that forum. I’m a newb. Barely understand the use of kits in BB, but I have ended up with the wrong kit selected for a song. It does seem like a kit collection would be helpful. That’s probably outside my domain at the present, but glad folks are finding my song list helpful.

Thank you for doing this.

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I moved the BeatBuddy song list to its own micro website (, improved the formatting, and updated it through today.


The site now displays the tempo (bpm) of the songs that are listed in Singular’s Song Matcher.


Thank you so much this is SUPER helpfull

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Thank you, so much! This is awesome!!

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It’s a great job. Thx for your effort

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Excelente trabajo, seguro quien lo encuentre… Lo tendrá pendiente como base de busqúeda…!
En otra orden de ideas, podrías hacer esté mismo trabajo con DRM, No se al resto de la Comunidad pero muchas veces tengo muchas dificultades para encontrar algún Set Drum propuesto (gratuito) o simplemente No lo encuentro y las Canciones se escuchan diferentes… Ojala tèngas tiempo para hacerlo. Porque capacidad te sobra!!

Please follow the forum guidelines and post in English so that all users can be a part of the conversation. Google Translate works well. Thanks for your understanding.

Most of the drum sets can be found by searching the forum for “missing” "Missing" drum kits from the Forum

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