"Missing" drum kits from the Forum

Attached is a link to a new folder containing drum kits which have either gone missing from the Forum or are difficult to locate. These include: the GarryA drums; drumkits for specific songs; drumkits that were posted without a name to kit, such as might be the case were it included in a response to a question; kits that were removed for revision; possibly some kits that I never shared previously, and more.

DO NOT EXPECT SUPPORT FROM ME ON THESE KITS!!! If you find problems, edit them. The most common problem would be a “stuck” note where a non-percussion part was inadvertently labeled as percussion. Simply make the change and save the kit. If you need to know how to edit kits, refer to this

Here is the link to the folder:

Enjoy! Go make some great music.


Fantastic! Thank you, Phil_Flood. Can you recommend one of these drum kits that is a Rock set with a Keyboard? We have guitar and a bass and use the rock drum kit for all of our our songs. I’d like to add some keyboards for a Linkin Park tune.

No problem, although it does kind of beg the question as to why you couldn’t find a suitable kit out of the other 75 kits I had already posted to the Forum over the years. :melting_face: All of my kits with key have some type of bass in them. That’s not a real problem, just don’t program anything for the bass part, or find a bass that sound totally different and add that to the overall sound. I can’t think of kit that has a signature Mike Shinoda kind of sound to it. But here are several I might try:

  1. Avicii kit - This has a synth and piano that you can double and get some great effects. The bass is not a standard bass sound.

  2. Either of the Prince kits - Try 'em see what you think.

  3. The Santana Piano & Organ kit get a lot of use
    Santana Piano & Organ

  4. The Motown Stevie Funk kit has a clavinet in it. might be fun.
    Motown Stevie Funk kit

  5. The Rock with Bass and Rhodes kits are usually a safe bet.

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These links aren’t working for me

There may be an issue with Dropbox.

UPDATE: Singular Sound is looking into this.

It’s working now. Thanks, I got them—a lot of great stuff to look through.

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Thanks for letting us know as well as your patience.

Excellent roundup! Thanks very much Phil.

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