Any footswitch work?

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I searched but I couldn’t find an answer for this. I have a non beatbuddy footswitch with three selectors on it (TC Helicon footswitch). When in stop mode, I have never been able to get the left and right selectors to toggle up and down on my main pedal when selecting songs in my playlists. It selects random songs instead. I was wondering if maybe the wiring was different for say the actual beatbuddy pedal?. Is it the cable switch out thing/restore factory settings thing I have seen?. Thanks!

Depending on the type of switches used by the TC Helicon Switch-3 it should work as long as they are momentary switches and you’ve used the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal settings to detect the type (either momentary on or momentary off). The latest BB firmware version will work best with the momentary switches although I think it still detects and recognizes the latching type. The BB also expects a TRS type patch cable.

You can set the BB remote foot switch settings Suggested Remote Foot Switch Settings and IIRC, you hold the switch down to select a song or folder and then you can scroll up or down using a tap.

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Yes the wiring is different in the switch 3/6.
They use a combination of crossing the rails and resistors to give you more options over a standard stereo jack.

The BB pedal is just a standard stereo wired pedal. You could just buy a single pedal if its just a single function you need.
I gave in to a new switch in the end and I found a used Boss on ebay.
Then after some upgrades I worked the BB into my FCB1010 board

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The TCH/Digitech 3 button switch has a pair of diodes that enable certain functions in TCH and Digitech gear. Pressing the ‘UP’ button in the diagram below pulls both the tip and ring connection to ground potential, which I don’t believe the BB knows what to do with and perhaps could get it confused. I did just try my home built 3 button switch with my BB and it had some unpredictable behavior.


First thanks for the help guys. Exactly Orgazmo, I have the switch 3. I definitely want the ability to toggle up and down in the playlist. Mainly because if I am doing a gig I want to get to the file asap to avoid dead air. So pretty much any stereo pedal with two switches should work?.

That is exactly what I think is happening.

Well you’re opening up your own Pandora’s box here on how you need your system to work.

Personally I chose to hook the BB up via midi and then 4 things can happen;

  • single momentary pedal which acts instead of the main BB pedal
  • BB can go on a stand about 600mm off the floor so I can see the screen better
  • I can utilise CC midi messages for next part/pause/outro etc…
  • I use my music software (OnSong in my case) to send midi messages to the BB. So when I call up the song it also recalls the BB file and VL3 effects file all in one swift, instant click

… Buts that’s just me

For you as a basic start check the BB settings menu.
In there you can see the options For;

  • main BB pedal
  • footswitch 1
  • footswitch 2

That way you can see what can and can’t be done.
With the BB on the floor and a dual switch you can have a 3 pedal option.
However yes, any standard TRS switch will do. Single or twin

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