Any updates on the ETA for MAC version???


Hi, now that the 2nd run is being shipped and I got my tracking number I was wondering if there are any news or updates regarding when the MAC version of the manager will be available???

thanks in advance,


The million dollar question.

I noticed David posted on the Gear Page (of course nothing here :smiley: ). He said : “Hopefully in the next few weeks” (that was posted on Oct 12th I think). He also revealed that “It’s taking longer than expected (as usual)”. So given the tone of this post I would expect it to be uploaded no earlier than early Jan 2015.

So I’ve pretty much stopped checking the blogs for this as it’s a waste of time. Frankly, it’s not a big deal, and I certainly want it to be nice, so taking their time is fine with me.


“Soon.” His soon is not my soon. But there’s nothing we can do about it.


Remember they’re in Miami. Time flow is substantialy different there. Things are slower. So when they say “Ten minutes”, it’s like an hour for us.

So do the math :slight_smile:


I think the programmers are in Canada. David is the idea and marketing guy. He is relying on others for the firmware and software. He’s pretty much at their mercy too.


If he was a marketing guy, he’d be more careful about choosing the promises communicated to build demand - they were/ease of use and total control.

If he was an effective executive officer, he’d not be at the mercy of his own suppliers.

If was a conscientious owner, he’d be more concerned about the about the failure to keep his brand’s promise to his customers - many (if not most) of whom have macs and have been very frustrated and let down – Mostly by his clear avoidance of communicating about this.


While you are indeed totally fine with making conspiracy theories about this “avoidance of communication” on David’s part - he’s just extremely busy. And if you indeed were a “conscientious owner”, as you said it, you would clearly understand.

One may think running a campaign is easy - grab $$$ from customers, ???, PROFIT. If only everything was that easy… Being a big boss requires one to regularly fly to your factory to see how the production is going, to check what programmer guys are doing (even though one may not even understand programming, he still needs to plan ahead!). Then give interviews and attend different meetings to promote the product to have more budget for fixing bugs and provide qualified support. This is all really exhausting!


Never mentioned or thought of a conspiracy - - rather just stating the clear avoidance. Why it’s clear is that I’ve seen him post responses to several other posts - mostly the ones that are positive - well past the the time of the abundant posts about this issue.

And for the record, I know quite a bit about marketing, executive management and brand ownership. But it doesn’t take quite a bit, but rather just a little bit to know that this brand is failing to deliver its promises - ease of use and total control.

As you say, he has prioritized building even more demand for his product. But he’s doing so on a HOLLOW promise. It’s the promise that he’s breaking everyday he does not prioritize delivering an easy to use mac solution for beatbuddy manager software. I’ll leave it at that. As I said, just so frustrated that such a great idea and a solid pice of hardware & firmware is leaving me and many others like me without the solution we believed in and paid for with no sense that our needs are being prioritized.

OK, one last note. I have NEVER posted dissatisfaction on social media about a brand before so I am not one of those “trolls”. There simply is no other way to tell this brand’s management that they are making a mistake at the most fragile time in their brand’s lifecycle. Painful to see and painful to experience as one of its earliest supporters/customers.


I’ve been quite vocal about the problems with the firmware and software. Lots of over promise and under delivery.

HOWEVER, I am going to back David up on his silence regarding the delivery of the Mac software, the firmware update and the fixes to the beta Windows software. Since he is not personally working on the software and firmware, he has to rely on those teams to provide him with accurate information regarding their progress. He’s been burned already when he promised delivery of the software in a couple of days and refused to release a Beta version when they were so close to releasing a final version. The team did not come through and he released a Beta version to get something out there. He originally promised to release the software before the hardware so we could work with it before getting the pedal.

He is in a no win situation. If he promised to deliver anything by a specific date at this point and the team does not deliver, he has a bigger problem than if he makes no promises.

I really believe that David NEEDS to remain silent until he has software ready to deliver. It’s to our mutual benefit for this company to survive and thrive.


I want to add that this forum has exposed to some pretty sophisticated users. I think it would be in the company’s best interest to recruit them as testers for the improved firmware and software before releasing it to the public.this could help uncover additional bugs prior to release and would help those of us who are unsophisticated users with the software when it is released.


This process has already started :slight_smile: To be honest, it was never actually stopped. Still beta testers’ capabilities are pretty limited. We don’t have as many different computer setups and so on to cover all possible options. So to say, there were far far more bugs in the earlier versions, that no-one, fortunately, does not even know about!


Really, this must be moderated because I can’t believe you guys are so complacent about the time allotted for compiling to a mac version. Everything this company does is based on over-promising and under-delivering. You should be as pissed as I am. There is no reason for not keeping customers abreast of delays. A simple email blast or an explanation might keep people from feeling like “now that they’ve used our money, they just don’t care” I was promised something I didn’t get. I wonder if this post will make it to the forum. All I see here are happy customers or tech questions. How can I post a tech question when there is no tech! :x
How can I be a happy customer if I don’t get to test the product. I would not have made this purchase if there wasn’t going to be a mac version. I was promised a mac version.


Here’s the answer to a question asking “When” in a discussion about adding a global count-in option :

"[i]by Daefecator » Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:44 am

Setting strict timeframes only harms the product. It can lead to “broken promises”, and that’s not good for anyone.
Naming very broad timeframes is not going to help either. I only know that the work is still being done.[/i]"


What Daefecator wrote above is correct. We would like to set a specific release date of the Mac version of the software, but often enough things take longer than originally planned. For this exact reason we will only set a specific date when we are certain that the software is bug-free, user friendly, smooth, and ready to be released (or just about ready to be released). If we were to release it now in its current state, it is likely to cause more complications than we wish to impart on the Mac user base. We know that the long wait is not easy, but if everyone can stick this through just a little bit longer, we promise not to disappoint. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear no beta Mac version to tempt me. I’d rather wait than suffer through beta testing.


Thanks for the communication it helps!


Take a chill pill! :wink:
This is a pretty new product and utilities of the sort that include software managers take time to write and test. I have been a software/hardware/firmware developer for over thirty years and I can report that releasing a new product internationall is never an easy task!

Release code early that is buggy and you get hammered by some for doing so. And you have the increased complexity of releasing “patches” for code installed early. This increases the complexity of releases exponentially.

I’d like a Linux version. If the answer is never, shrug, I’ll run up a VM under UBUNTU.

If you are running a Mac;

“Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4, 2.6 and 3.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSD.”

It is FREE and easy to install. Problem solved. Run the Windows version whilst the Mac (which is in fact BSD UNIX underneath the pretty bit) is being developed.

If you need a hand with the OS and Virtual environment install just yell on this thread, however, it is pretty simple stuff.



Please don’t sell these to Mac users if they don’t work on Macs.


I agree with jakeallen, product, including hardware shoul be tested and validated before release to market… simple as that. Everyone has taken a leap of faith on the early BB, and deserve better. Being let down by others (suppliers) is no excuse for letting down committed customers. Better planning and project management would have saved the need for quiet denial.


It’s not helpful to tell Mac users to “take a chill pill”, especially if you’re not a Mac user. (And to run the BB software using a VM you also need to run Windows, which we Mac owners don’t have/need/want.)

Most of us early adopters already understand the problems of developing software. It’s the lack on information that’s the problem here - BB apparently refusing to give any sort of time scale, plus being told that we need to chill etc.

BB Manager for Windows is still listed on the webpage as beta software. Still? This, plus the lack of any information as to when the Mac version might be issued, could be interpreted as BB having jumped the gun on Manager in order to get the first 5k of hardware units sold. Music makers use Macs, so why wasn’t the Mac version made first? But never mind that. These units were sold on the basis that Manager already existed. It’s not unreasonable for us to ask when that marketing claim is likely to be fulfilled for Mac users.

If BB wants to retain the loyalty of us early adopters, it needs to start talking time frames. Unless to save money, there’s no concurrent development activity on the PC and Mac versions?