Any way to go from PAUSE to END OF SONG without making a sound?

Happy Friday !!

I’ve got the “full” BeatBuddy (not the mini) with the official Footswitch+

When I tap the PAUSE button, is there any way to then END the song without another sound being produced?

After a PAUSE…

  • If I tap the Main Pedal, it does a Fill and heads back into the current part - cool
  • If I tap the PAUSE button again, it heads back into the current part - cool
  • If I tap the ACCENT button, I get the accent - cool
  • If I double tap the main pedal, I get the outro

All of these produce sound, but if possible I’d like to find a way to go from PAUSE to END OF SONG without another peep.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

Thank you !!


If you triple tap the main switch (at any time) it immediately ends the song.

BB settings> Footswitch> Set when paused Outro fill and go to BB settings set the outro “disable”

Or Double tap the main switch on the Beatbuddy

Hey there,

Go to Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap, and select Stop Song

This way, while paused, tapping the main pedal will stop the song silently

Is this what you were hoping to accomplish?

Let me know, thanks!

Hi PastorPew - if I have a song PAUSED and tap the MAIN PEDAL at all, it plays a fill and heads back into the song, which I love. I don’t want to change that behavior. Thanks.

Hi BrennanSingularSound - not exactly, because one of the most important performance features for me is to be able to pause a song for as long as I want, and then to the single tap on the main pedal to play a fill and go back into the song.

IDEALLY, while a song is PAUSED, I would be able to set the LEFT “Button” on the Footswitch+ to STOP the song, but from the manual (which I found after posting my question)…

The function that the 1st (left) or 2nd (right) switch will do when pressed while a song is playing or paused:

• No Action
• Accent Hit*
• Pause/Unpause*
• Tap Tempo
• Outro Fill

STOPPING the Song is not on the list. :frowning_face:

Thanks much !


I think you’re suggestion is as close as I can get to what I want !! Yes, I would lose all OUTRO’s which I think I can live with. But it would allow me basically STOP/END a Song from the PAUSED state by triggering an OUTRO that has been disabled.


Again it would be even better if one of the options for tapping a Footswitch+ button from the PAUSED state was to STOP the song…but that is not there.

I like this workaround.

Thank you !!

BUMMER - my excitement was premature because the settings affect BOTH the “Paused” AND “Playing” states…not just the “Paused” state. So setting the left Footswitch+ button to trigger the disabled Outro basically stole my ability to hit an ACCENT while a song a playing.

If only one could make settings from the PLAYING state and different ones for the PAUSED state, it would be great, especially if one of the choices from the PAUSED state was to STOP/END the song.

But thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate it.

You can disable the outro into the BB manager of the songs that you don’t want and the songs with outro that you want

Ok so if you need the tap to fill behavior on the Main Pedal you could do the following:

  • Make sure you are on version 4.1.4
  • In footswitch settings, go to the While Paused settings
  • in the Paused settings set one of the Footswitches to outro
  • In main pedal settings, go to Unpause Behavior > External Device > Unpause and set this to Outro Stops Song

This way, while paused and sending an outro commands from the footswitch, the song will stop silently

Does this work?

Not sure if this feature is dependent on any specific firmware version, but I 'm able to end the song from paused state without any other sounds by long-pressing (1-2 seconds) on the main pedal. It will go directly from paused to the silent ready to play state.

This is possible on 4.1.x and later only if the Main pedal is set to react on the Release, otherwise only a tap command is possible