Anyone in Canada


Get a tracking number yet? US, Australia, and the UK all appear to have theirs on the way but I’ve yet to find anyone in Canada who has tracking yet, much less the BeatBuddy.


I might get mine today, it’s ready for delivery. Arrived in Melbourne Australia last night.

I think you will get version 2 and Christmas package from Beatbuddy team. By then the software manager will be available as well.

Just a joke. No offence.


I’m in Vancouver , got mine shipped to U.S post box …
no shipping charges… $5.oo to pickup , no post box fees … Kinek.


I am in Ottawa, Canada, and I received my tracking number today (Monday, September 29th). The tracking number is not in the system yet, however tomorrow I should have a delivery date estimate.


Calgary here. I ordered mine way back in the summer. Not a word on delivery. The only status updates I get are from the FAQ page. Pretty disappointed. I sure wanted to have it by now. Lot’s of unrest in China, so I get that, but perhaps a lesson to be learned there on building things ON OUR OWN CONTINENT!!! :x


That would cost a lot more money, so that the final product will hardly ever be competitive. It’s actually a pretty tangible downside to having a good quality of life, health insurance and etc. Workforce is a lot cheaper in China, that’s why all the good (and bad) things come from there.


Stuff is definitely cheaper to make there, but at the expense of jobs on this side of the water. No jobs, no money to buy cheap Chinese made goods…


What you have here is a political coversation. I expect you will get your tracking numbers soon.


I’m in Montreal and I got my tracking number Sept 29 but it hasn’t entered the system yet


Same with mine for Ottawa, same date.


Idem for me, Victoriaville, Qc.


My tracking number work this morning. Where is the pedal ? Hong Kong ! :slight_smile:


Just received my tracking number today, October 5, 2014, in Saint John, New Brunswick. Ordered in early January. Apparently my pedal is on the pallet with the final 79 pedals stuck in China.


Oh oh, I hope that isn’t the last pallet! No tracking number for me yet. I ordered in January as well…


Shipment picked up and tracking number finally in the system.


No tracking number here yet, but I renew the original question: Does anyone in Canada actually have one yet?





I haven’t received it yet, but I just got my tracking number. I’ll let ya know when it hits my door.


Mine is getting closer! It’s at the DHL hub in Cincinnati!


Halifax. No tracking number.


Looks like mine will be here this week. Cleared into Canada today, currently in eastern quebec. Once shipment started moving it moved fast.