Anyone received BeatBuddy yet?


Please… if someone has received the unit… let us know…


Got mine this afternoon in the mail. Im in the US (So Cal area).


Mine showed up today (STL, MO ). Unfortunately the power supply appears to be dead. :frowning:

I sent an email to support.


Washington, DC checking in. Received today. So far it’s amazing.


Mine arrived today… Pretty cool…so far very easy to use…


Mine arrived this AM in Minneapolis. Got a chance to work with it a bit…first impression is very good. Nice machine with a ton of creative potential.


I have just received mine today and it looks amazing. Set it up and plugged it into my amp to check out some of the beats that are on the SD card and play with the footswitch setup.

Everything works great; now I need more time to explore and start getting some tracks onto the SD card, so that I can practice using these tracks.


Mine showed up today in AR. Tried it for a second on my PA then came on here to look at the manual. Seems to work exactly as advertised, good sound from one test. Looking forward to seeing how easily I can use it.


I got mine in Ca.
Works great easy to use


Got mine today but haven’t taken it out of the box yet


Received mine today in NYC. Fantastic! If used for nothing else but practicing it is worth the $$$. Sounds good through a bass amp. Good quality. Thanks.


Received mine on Monday in Virginia. It is AWESOME right out of the box, selected Blues 1 and was able to play Crossroads to it. Got the fills and transistions going…it was real easy.


I recieved mine yesterday and it is super fun, easy to use, getting me stoked on playing the guitar again!


Those of you who received your units, when did you order? Were you part of the indigogo campaign? I Pre-ordered in March and have yet to get a tracking number.


Hi Riems,

in answer to your question; I signed up with the Indiegogo campaign in mid-December. I expect that they are shipping sequenced by time of order. You should see rapid progress in people getting their pedals and predict the arrival of yours from their time of order.




Sounds fantastic; would you share your set up for Crossroads? Would love to try it, as I’m just learning and playing a bunch of blues.




I’m just taking mine out of the box today …plugged it in, put on the headphones, …
fooled around with knobs & buttons …sounds great !
It will be extremely useful for lots of songs .
… then, …
I went searching Beat Buddy downloads
for the web based software … where is it ? :o


I’m seeing mostly, possibly all US, which was to be expected with how things have panned out. How many non-US people have gotten theirs so far?


I got my tracking number, and it is supposed to deliver today. It’s going to be tough to focus at work now…


I live in Paris(France). Received mine yesterday Sept. 24th. Great.