Are we getting closer to having simultaneous "Start/Stop All" on "Press" and silent song clear?

Hi All!
I’ve been doing lots of solo acoustic gigs with my Aeros, and having to activate Start/Stop on “Release” while singing and playing is just killing my groove and performance. (I have it set to “Release” so that I can clear the song silently.)

As much as I practice this gesture of releasing the switch while hitting a downbeat on my guitar and/or voice, I just can’t get the timing down- the loops come in awkwardly a LOT.

I believe I read on the forum that in the future, we might be able to set Start/Stop All to “Press” and also have “silent song clear” and I was wondering how far out that might be. Also wondering if it’s possible to set the Maestro to handle the silent clear.

Thanks, everybody!


Hey there,

This is something that will come with the Hands-free mode, unfortunately Dev has warned us it will likely not be a simple update to do, so it will take time. We have just finished locked tracks and are looking into memory issues, undone logic issues, and loading time issues. After these important patches, we will likely have Dev start working on this particular feature in parallel with other features like auto-quantize.

So essentially, yes, we are working towards this, but it will take some time.

Thank you for your feedback

Thanks for the reply, Brennan.

Hey there, it is possible since 5.0.x to clear the song using the slideout menu instead of using the Play / Stop All button.

5.1.1 is now on wifi with this workaround available and we are currently on beta 5.2.0

To do this, press and hold the bottom left Aeros button until the slideout menu appears, use the wheel to scroll and highlight the Clear Song option, and use the right Aeros button to select the option (in 2x2 either the middle or right button will work).

The Hands Free slideout menu can be edited to reorganize and hide/show the available options. There are two slideout menus: Playing and Stopped. The Clear song option is available on the Stopped slideout menu.

I will tag this as implemented