Audio Buzz/Interference

I use a Sanyo Pedal Juice to power my 9v pedals (just a couple - Tuner, Compressor, Wireless Receiver). I also use a TC Helicon Play Electric vocal processor that utilizes it’s own 12v power supply.

When I use the 9v daisy chain connector for the BeatBuddy, it produces a buzz/audio interference through my amp - a very irritating one even when no song is playing through the BB. If I use a separate 9v adapter, there is no buzz/audio interference.

Anyone else have this issue? I’ve used my Pedal Juice for years with no issues and one of the great things about it is because it’s a lithium battery power supply, there is no electrical noise (plus I don’t have to run another AC cable to my pedal board). So obviously I dislike the idea of having to use a 9v power supply to power up the BB while all the other 9v pedals are “wireless”…



Hi Tom,
Are you running your guitar through the BB? I can’t explain why, but something similar has happened when I run my guitar straight in to certain pedals. When I stick something between my guitar and that noisy pedal, somehow it fixes the problem.

You might be able to get away with running your BB in to a separate channel and not have any noise.
Of course, that doesn’t answer why you should get noise if you use a daisy chain, but I’ve noticed it happens with other pedals too like my EHX SuperEgo.

I notice that there is a noisy background hiss if I crank the BB up way loud. In a reali life situation that shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s something I’ve noticed.


No, guitar is not going through the BB. It is “standalone”… This is not a hiss, it’s a buzzing squealing interference…

Try BB alone by it self on the juice no other pedals. Sometimes it’s two devices together causing a ground loop.

Yep I have been getting the same thing. Have a lithium power supply with daisy chain and adding the beat buddy I get a terribly loud noise until i unplug the 9v on the beatbuddy and use a seperate supply. I only have a Wah, tubescreamer clone and a compressor on with it.
Was thinking of trying a joyo pedal power type device that isn’t properly isolated but I think has some noise filtering in it but not confident it will work as it’s similar to a daisy chain.

When you power multiple devices on the same lithium battery you wire the power input sections together. Doubt BB design considered battery power at all.

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing it - not glad in a “happy” way, but more so that I know I’m not imagining it or having a “defective” unit.

As for battery supply vs. ac adapter - I’m not sure how it (the BB) can tell, as all it’s asking for is 9v and 500ma and the lithium power supply is supplying it… hoping someone more technical can give me more details…

Hi guys,

Any pedals that are daisy chained together - regardless of whether using an AC adapter or a lithium battery of any sort - will be susceptible to ground loops. In particular with anything digital such as the BB.

You may get away with chaining the power to a few drive pedals but that is not really relevant to these noise issues.

If you go for a multi output supply and expect better results it must have ground isolated outputs. A Dunlop DC brick, one spot etc. will do little to help you other than it may have a better quality noise filter. But this will do nothing to save you from a ground loop, which causes most of the noise.

This article at Premier guitar is a good one; short and to the point. If you don’t get it don’t fuss - just do it and it will all be better! … Your_Board

Your best options to reduce noise are a properly isolated power supply (voodoo labs pedal power etc), separate wall wart for each pedal or batteries.

Daisy chains = the lottery for noise. In fact a much better chance than the lottery!

Hi - I have just posted in this thread something that I think will be helpful; but just to point out your mention of the daisy chain, it is the exact reason why there is some trouble for users supplying power this way.

If you cannot avoid chaining the power to the pedal you may need to lift the ground by sending the BB through a DI with a ground lift.

Hi - save your $$ and check out this page for some decent details on isolated supplies and “claimed” isolated supplies. eg. even the latest Joyo2 ‘isolated’ supply most likely is not, as specified and TESTED in this list.

If you don’t get a supply with isolated outputs all you can hope for is some slightly better filters and this unfortunately is distinctly not going to help with ground loops.

Sorry to make you the third target of my posts tonight but I love a good power supply (and made my own) and I know it is real important to all of you to get past this problem. It will make a major difference to what is going on here.

Hope it helps.

As I said try the BB by itself on the battery. True isolation.

Which infers, if the test works you buy another lithium system just for BB pedal. Given BB’s high current draw a separate lithium would be an advantage.

Its a noisey pedal. Though it is innovative and overall a great experience, they knew this thing was noisey when they went through the development of the product. As with all other noise situations with pedals, start with a noise filtering power conditioner like a Furman and use a linear power supply like a Voodo Labs. (The Beat Buddy draws 270ma to 300ma.) While it is a clear indication of the overall engenierring (and thus price point),

I know it’s an old thread, but for what it’s worth I experience the same issue if I power the BB from my Joyo JP-02 which powers my other pedals. Loud digital noise. Goes away if I use the provided power adapter.
The Joyo is not a true isolated supply, but it seems to do a good job with all my other pedals.
I wonder if there is a way to lift the ground in the BB.

Did you try the joyo I with just the BB, no other pedals? There may be one specific pedal that doesn’t play well with the BB.

It may also be that the joyo can’t deliver 300 mA with the other pedals attached.

If you did the Norbert hack per the posted instructions, you may have gotten the BB ground cross wired.

I’ve just bought a MXR DC brick and same problem - it looks like the problem is the connector. The BB PSU connects with a different barrel connector which seems to be sprung and the normal Brick leads do not fit correctly. Now just need to find/make an appropriate lead, I think.

Not quite sure I understand the issue you’re trying to convey. :confused: The title of this thread is “Audio Buzz/Interference.” Is the problem audio related or is it that you’re trying to use another source to power your pedal? By “sprung” do you mean that the BB power adaptor barrel does not seat flush with the pedal casing? Or does it power the pedal and you believe that being sprung is the source for some noise during pedal playback?

That’s eactly what happens either a buzz if I manage to push the connector in far enough but more oftern a lot of squeaks and noise. Also, the standard connector is not secure in the BB and easily comes out and the BB powers off.
My response was simply to say the I think the problem that is causing the noise is that the BB requires a differnt connector than comes as standard with the brick (and presumably other power supplies.

Thanks for clarifying, Ian. You might want to contact to see what they have to say. The symptoms do not sound like normal behavior.

I’m having this issue too. Through different configurations too. Did anyone else find that the noise almost disappears when you remove the memory card? Strange…

Maybe the slot itself needs to ground-linked to the chassis better?