Audio pops still there

5.0.2 (gonna try the 5.0.3 tomorrow)
but I’ll still have audio pops sometimes
when I close a loop
It’s not reccurent .

Hey there,

You mean when you commit the loop?

Please do try 5.0.3 and let us know if this improved.


Yes it happend when I commit the loop
I’m on 5.0.3 now
I let you know (need more time)

I noticed some popping on the gig yesterday too. After closing the loop, seemed like I was getting on most loops in 2x2 mode. Everytime the loop would come back around, I would get a small pop. I know I’m on version 5, but not sure if it’s the latest. I’ll check and report back.

We never suggest using betas for gigs as pops or other bugs May be occurring, please do try out 5.0.3 if you haven’t and let us know

Hi Brennan
5.0.3 there is a bug .I open a new post for this

How about any pops? @NYHC

It seems to be better.No pops at this moment
But need more time because it was not so reccurent

I got one today with 5.0.3
it’s not recurring
But the thing is, it’s unpredictable

It seems to be better with the 5.0.3
It’s rarely now

5.0.3 here, still pops. Pretty regular actually.