Audio pops still there

Most Defiantly a crossfade issue I have had the same experiences. its almost like its pre programed to do only a .5 sec crossfade…great for RTM Guitar tracks…not so great for Ambient looping and of instruments like Violin…Im embarrassed to take the Aeros out on a gig…last time I did I had these nasty pops all over my flowing violin track…I wish I could gig with the Aeros with confidence .:frowning:


Yeah, that’s a bummer. I had the exact same thing happen at my recent gig. I usually build up synth drones and loops but the pops were bad so i abandoned it mid-set.

Using most recent software update I find that ‘pops’ become more frequent when the machine has been on for a couple of hours. Reloading the song usually cures it for 20 mins, but sometimes have to shut down completely for a while.

OK for studio use but impossible for live situations.

I was creating a new topic about this, but noticed there’s already this one active. I have the same issue.

Original post:
"I use a lot reverb sound and I Loop a lot of ambient drones, after the last update i don’t seem able to do it anymore because there’s always a clipping sound at the beginning of the loop.

Am I missing any function in the settings about the automatic fade between loops to avoid this problem?
I remember when I first bought the Aeros, 3 years ago, the fade was too big and there was silence. I believe this is the opposite problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


I agree…If I knew that I was going to perform an ambient song I would adjust the crossfade before hand…If I was performing a percussive track I would use the opposite…Im really bummbed because the Aeros is exactly the looping tool I needed and I was all excited to perform live with it but after doing it once and having clicks and pops all over my track, I even had someone ask me why its happening and all I could say was…I dunno its a software problem, which the person looked at me like “yeah right” …embarrassing