Audio pops still there

Most Defiantly a crossfade issue I have had the same experiences. its almost like its pre programed to do only a .5 sec crossfade…great for RTM Guitar tracks…not so great for Ambient looping and of instruments like Violin…Im embarrassed to take the Aeros out on a gig…last time I did I had these nasty pops all over my flowing violin track…I wish I could gig with the Aeros with confidence .:frowning:


Yeah, that’s a bummer. I had the exact same thing happen at my recent gig. I usually build up synth drones and loops but the pops were bad so i abandoned it mid-set.

Using most recent software update I find that ‘pops’ become more frequent when the machine has been on for a couple of hours. Reloading the song usually cures it for 20 mins, but sometimes have to shut down completely for a while.

OK for studio use but impossible for live situations.

I was creating a new topic about this, but noticed there’s already this one active. I have the same issue.

Original post:
"I use a lot reverb sound and I Loop a lot of ambient drones, after the last update i don’t seem able to do it anymore because there’s always a clipping sound at the beginning of the loop.

Am I missing any function in the settings about the automatic fade between loops to avoid this problem?
I remember when I first bought the Aeros, 3 years ago, the fade was too big and there was silence. I believe this is the opposite problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


I agree…If I knew that I was going to perform an ambient song I would adjust the crossfade before hand…If I was performing a percussive track I would use the opposite…Im really bummbed because the Aeros is exactly the looping tool I needed and I was all excited to perform live with it but after doing it once and having clicks and pops all over my track, I even had someone ask me why its happening and all I could say was…I dunno its a software problem, which the person looked at me like “yeah right” …embarrassing

Hey Brennan, is there any update on this problem? I really would love to perform live with the Aeros but its just not possible now with the clicks and pops coming from poorly timed loop cross fades.

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Hi all, thank you very much for your reports and your patience as we get back to you here

We obviously understand the importance of fixing these types of issues and we have been on it even before I replied here.

There was a rather nasty pop we have been chasing that we recently we able to sometimes reproduce and are hoping we have just fixed it. So far the intermittent pop has not come back in testing.

We are pretty confident that, if it is not completely gone, it has been greatly reduced in the ability to reproduce it.

The issue we fixed was not directly with the cross fades, just conflicts with getting the right things to happen at the right time without overloading the CPU, we were spiking it by doing too many things under the hood in an instant.

As I said, a change we made seems to have fixed this and we no longer are experiencing pops like we were internally. This fix will be available in version 5.1.x which is coming up as beta very soon.

That being said, we cannot say for sure that these pops are the exact same ones you are reporting to us

So, at your earliest convenience, please send any video evidence you can of the sound of the pops and when they occur including any possible steps or at least typical workflows when you hear them.

Thanks again for the reporting and we will continue to look into it,

Let me know!

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yes still there and difficult to reproduce.
I gonna investigate this
I get it sometimes but randomly, and never know when this gonna happen


The beta with the fix is up!

Let us know if you still have the same issues!

Aeros Firmware 5.1.x - Aeros Loop Studio / Docs and Downloads - Singular Sound Forum


Gonna test it asap

Awesome cant wait to test this!

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Hi Brennan

No any pops at this moment. Seem to be fixed like you say. :ok_hand:

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Confirmed.No pops anymore

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Hey guys,
I wasn’t able to test this sooner, I been away from looping but I’m back. My Aeros is Updated to 5.1.1, still does pops.
I just picked it up after a few months and first loop did it straight away.
It does it in both ROP and RPO modes.

I have a video with audio but I’m not able to upload it here.

Any suggestions?