Audio settings

my connection on Beatbuddy is always mono. But I notice when I set the audio settings to stereo I can hear pianos and strings louder and better. that makes sense ??

Yes: Good chance your pianos and strings are slightly panned.

is there any way to centralized pianos??

If they are panned, it’s part of the drum set and that would have to be adjusted. It could also be part of the way the BB sums the signals, but I’m waiting for the Singular guys to weigh in.

Before the summing function was added to the firmware, I used a summing DI to get to mono.

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This is likely due to something beyond our control: comb filtering (phase issues)

To make a very complex topic as simple as possible, depending on the stereo source material, it may actually sound “wrong” or “filtered”, even quieter when immediately monoized.

I imagine that when you set the signal to be mono, the source material has some phase issues and this is causing the change.

That is my best bet, basically things that are stereo aren’t always able to be monoized without “distortion”, in this case distortion of the phase.

Feel free to send over an audio recording if you think it could be something else.

You can try using a mono drumkit (all wavs are mono and the drum hits are isolated, recorded in mono too) and see if this still happens

Record it in mono, basically!