Auto play entire song

Not sure if this is a feature, but is there a way to just play the entire song without foot pedal intervention?
I’ve downloaded several of the user submitted songs and would like them to just play intro, verse, fill, chorus or whatever
automatically without having to trigger them.


The idea behind the BeatBuddy is to allow for spontaneous use of fills similar to a drummer so what you are requesting is currently not possible. However you could use an external program to merge the beats together (max 500 notes) but personally if you are going to do that you might as well just use a backing track.

This was requested several times plus I am a huge supporter of this idea as well.

I hope we will have such mode implemented in one of the next firmware releases.

In past shows, I have used a JamMan Solo XT for backing tracks (mostly just the drums and bass lines).
However, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to do any spontaneous fills for It’s a Shame About Ray, etc.
I like that option for the OOB beats, but for folks who have taken the time to upload actual songs having
an auto-play function would be nice.

The “workaround” would be to take the MIDI files of the individual sections, edit them together into one complete song, then load it as the intro. Intros play completely through until the end. I don’t know if there is a measure/time limit, but it should work with most songs. Of course you’d have to have access to the MIDI files.

The problem with an “auto play” feature is that the song sections are not full-length, e.g. a chorus section is usually only 4 or 8 measures, and repeats as desired. An auto play feature would not know when to initiate each section. You’d have BB playing songs that lasted 45 seconds.

Tried that workaround. Each part is limited to 500 events, so that’s your new song limit. Not really sufficient for most songs.

The Manager lets you add as many “song parts” as you want, so I don’t think this would be that hard to implement. A single checkbox for the song could tell it to play parts in sequence instead of needing input. I think ideally, you’d have a box like that between every part / fill group. That way you could have the best of both worlds, with sequences that chain automatically and others that will wait for the go-ahead.

But anyway… I don’t care how it’s done. I just want it.

I really hope they add this feature soon. I’d really like to get a BeatBuddy but not having this feature is a huge turn-off that keeps it from being worth it. So near yet so far from being the absolute perfect drum machine. :frowning:

Don’t underestimate, that what is perfect for one may be pretty much unacceptable for the other! Having options is always good, though. I am pretty confident BeatBuddy will allow for the whole song playback in the future.

Oh, it’s clearly a great drum machine either way. But like you said, perfect for one can still be a miss for someone else. For me the lack of that feature really hurts. I hope it gets added soon.

Thats one thing I would like to do with midi control… My controller gives me ability to block commands with beat-based blocking delays… This way I`m able to make a song with more parts or just til selected parts that then repeat til I give the next order… (hope thats understandable,cause my bad english… Main sing I want to say, I need midi -control-ability, what would give me ability to play a whole song with BB)

I have to agree with the first post. please please please can you add an auto play feature.

I am a guitarist and play in a band that plays 60 songs a night. .Adding fills at the right time, remembering how long to hold your foot on the pedal for transitions, remembing that some songs have longer transitions than others, trying to remember each songs structure and trying to figure out where you are in that structure if you accidently hit the pedal at the wrong moment is really challenging if not unworkable.

If a midi file puts all this in the right order and all you have to do is just start and stop the pedal whats not to like. I also take on board that you could just use drum loops instead. Using pre recorded drum loops requires a player of some type and ive tried this before with mini disc but i find the start and stop is cumbersome on audio devives. i.e no pedal. The attraction of the beat buddy for me is the start and stop feature from a pedal format

I have thousands of midi files and the idea that i have to chop them up into fills, transitions,intro, outro and accents.and take the risk of playing them at the wrong time from a gigging point of view seems uneccesary.

Auto Play all the way.

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I will certainly look into what can be done for an AutoPlay feature that many of you desire.

For starters lifting the 500 midi event limit would allow the uploading of full midi drum tracks which would be useful if you are just playing along but it does not allow you to control the beat yourself, also the ability to upload audio files (for the same reason).

I estimate these two tasks (raising the note limit and adding an auto-play route) as being almost identical in difficulty.

i’m having a really hard time controlling the bb during songs, so this feature is the big number one on my wishlist.
i have no interest in making spontaneous changes in my songs during performances.
i just wanna program the drums and play them through from start to end without having to use my foot to control the bb (just to start it).

Yes, a JamMan Solo XT is perfect for playing complete backing tracks. Seems a better option for folks who just want that. And much less expensive too.

But I think people might underestimate how difficult it is in some situations to make sure you hit the right parts at exactly the right time for a canned backing track: you miss one measure and you are screwed. Hence the genius of being able to adjust on the fly with the BeatBuddy…

I don’t know much about drum machines, but anyone wanting to programme an entire song from start to end, aren’t there many better machines out there than the BB? The BB is a niche machine, maybe more suitable to a song leader than a performer. It would be great if the BB Manager can be flexible enough to programme whole songs, but would this make the software too complicated and less user friendly, like it is now?

but,but,but… the beatbuddy SOUNDS so good! i guess you could play the song through with your fingers while recording it to an mp3 or a cd and playing along with that :slight_smile: but then you are a karaoke singer who happens to play guitar too! :slight_smile:

There are better drum machines out there for programming your own songs yes, but none I know of that sound as realistic and good as BB - they don’t use multi-samples like BB does hence their lack of realism, and even the latest from Boss, Zoom, Alesis are now many years old and don’t use multi-samples. I’m amazed not one of them has thought of something like BB but with pads, full drum programming features & footswitch capability (yes, there’s EZDrummer, Addictive Drums, Fxpansion BFD etc. but not everyone wants to use a computer).

If you have a drum machine with midi out I guess you could program patterns/songs in there then either trigger BB drum notes via midi or, if your drum machine is capable of this, export your patterns/songs as midi files then put them in BB Manager (course the 2nd example would mean you couldn’t play whole songs again as you’d have to break them up into separate parts).

For fun, I tried to find a way to extract the drum of a complete midi file and do play by the BB. I first loaded the song in the CharlesSpencer software. Then I backed up (save as) the file now contains only the drum part. I then loaded the file into the MidiEditor free software. In the midi settings I selected the interface where the BB is connected and I started reading. With the few files I tried it works very well. It can be a solution for those who want to play a complete song with the BB, with the condition of course to use a PC.

My hope with the auto-play version of songs, is that you can still interact with the song while you play. It would follow the same rules it does now. The only change with “auto-play” is that at the end of the loop you have logic that says “where do i go next (due to a loop variable, and current loop count)” rather than just playing the loop again. I posted some pseudo code to illustrate that. I don’t think it seems that hard :slight_smile: