Axe fx iii and midi

Just switched from helix to axe fx iii. My question is 2 parts: 1) can I with the latest firmware send aeros midi commands sufficient to play loop, stop all, and change songs (looks like right now song list, scroll up and down, and select should be possible). What commands would those be? 2) if I decide not to send commands direct from axe fx, does anybody use a midi controller other than the midi maestro? Id like to save a bit of footprint.

This is all detailed in the Aeros Manual and in this post. We hope to expand these MIDI commands soon in a future release that will add much more functionality to MIDI.

Still no pc changes though to load a specific song? Right now it seems like id need a sequence of 4 button presses to change to next song. Open list, scroll up, select, play. With scroll down and stop all I’d be using at least a 6 button controller to put aeros away in a drawer somewhere.

Hey there,

We apologize that this is not perfect for your set up, we understand that there are better ways to open songs hands-free, if you need to open already recorded songs w/ one tap there’s not something we can do for you right now.

We intend on finding a solution to this, But it is not so simple because of the transient nature of songs on the Aeros. This means we have to create a system that both looks good, makes sense, and doesn’t cause a whole bunch of bugs.

This will take time, please know it is something that is on our minds, thank you.